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Natalia Salas recorded her first song: “I have already started my career and I’m not going to stop”

Natalia Salas recorded her first song: “I have already started my career and I’m not going to stop”

Natalia Salas traveled to Miami to record her first song. | Fountain: instagram

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Natalia Salas continues to fight for her dream and said that she had already recorded her first song with the people’s artist. Jessica Sarangowinner of two silver gulls Viña del Mar Festival, 2005. The single was released in Miami and will be accompanied by a music video.

The actress began chemotherapy sessions to cope with breast cancer, which she was diagnosed with in September of this year. However, this did not become an obstacle to doing what was proposed, because, in his opinion, it is important that his life goes on normally.

“I was dying to release a single for many years, but I hesitated. The opportunity came, I went and recorded it, I already have the mastering (the last stage of audio post-production). We are going to make a video, we are planning to launch it next year… I have already started my career and I am not going to stop,” he commented RPP News.

“Everything but Fear”

Salas also released his 2023 diary collection “Less Fear With Everything,” a phrase he says makes life’s hardships more bearable. The proposal has a colorful design and includes inspirational phrases coined by the actress herself.

“I found some crazy people like me from the Kokoro publishing house. I had the whole concept in my head, and in three days we realized it, ”he said. Natalia Salas.

“How wonderful and transcendent to empower with humor, love and courage,” he said.

Cancer will not interfere with your marriage plans

A year ago, Natalia Salas D Sergio Coloma they announced their wedding; The couple got engaged while walking through a Disney theme park in the US. Despite the diagnosis of “illness”, the actress said that her partner had already set a date for the formalization of their relationship.

“We’re already a year old, in fact, the other day he said that suddenly by June (we got married); I’ll be bald, but I have to take advantage, otherwise it passes. With a wig or a bow, I’ll see what I’ll do, I I’m not going to stop my life on treatment. I spoke with my oncologist, and we are going to arrange chemotherapy so that there are no complications, “he assured.

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