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Jin’s proof of love for ARMYs after enlisting in the military

Jin’s proof of love for ARMYs after enlisting in the military

In a recent interview, BTS’ Jin revealed a great proof of love to ARMYs after being discharged from mandatory military service

Throughout their 11-year career, BTS has proven their enormous love for ARMYs countless times, whether through music and performances, or even by leaving their mark on their own skin, such as Jungkookwho has some tattoos in tribute to his fans.

However, perhaps one of the main proofs of love that idols perform for their admirers is the fact that they always prioritize their fans, regardless of the situation — and a great example of this fact is the activities of Jinshortly after his military discharge.

That’s because the star, who was the first member of BTS to finish his duties in the South Korean army, made a point of being with fans as soon as he was discharged, holding a special live for ARMYs to update them on his life in the army, in addition to canceling all his other commitments so he could prepare and participate in the in-person BTS FESTA 2024 event, which celebrated the group’s 11th debut anniversary, and was held the day after his discharge.

To make the moment even more special, Jin He even fought with his company so that he could hold a hug session, suggested by him, as a way of thanking the fans who waited for him during his 18-month hiatus.

“And them [a empresa] “They also said I should only do 50 since it’s the day after I was laid off, but I said no, 3,000 people and they finally agreed to 300, and I said no, as many people as possible! And they said 500 and I said no, more!! And we finally agreed to 1,000 people,” Jin explained during the live on the Weverse platform. “The company told me to think about my health, but since you guys waited for a year and a half, I wanted to hug as many fans as possible.”

In a recent interview with Weverse Magazine (via Koreaboo), Jin revealed that the effort was not a huge sacrifice for him, as he did everything with a lot of love and that he was looking forward to meeting his fans again after so much time apart.

“That’s how I do it. You don’t stop breathing just because the air is bad. (laughs) I thought, you have to do what you have to do, even if it’s not in the best circumstances,” he said. “It was a lot of pressure, and yes, it was difficult. It was difficult because I couldn’t practice in the outside world with enough time to do it. I just did it for the love of it.”

Also during the interview, the idol made a beautiful declaration of love to his fans, where he said that he will never be able to abandon ARMYs.

“Even if ARMY were to leave us in the distant future, we could never leave ARMY. Like I said before, being with ARMY is like being home. They make us feel so safe. I want to tell them that I will always do my best and ask them to please stay by our side for a long time. I also want to thank them for waiting for us. Because BTS loves ARMY so much. It makes sense that you would do your best for the people you love, right? Think about how you feel when you really like someone: You give your all for them. And it’s the same in our case. Doesn’t that make sense?”

In response, the reporter responsible for the interview, Oh Minjisaid “It should be, but it’s not always the case. Even if you love someone and try your best for them, other things can end up taking priority.” With that, Jin He explained that, upon leaving the army, he decided to postpone even the celebrations with his friends and family to be with his fans.

“When I got out of the military, I put everything off so I could meet my fans. I told my family and friends in advance, ‘I need to see ARMY, so I’d appreciate it if you didn’t ask about throwing me a discharge party until after this week.’ People were like, ‘You just got out—you should take a break. Let’s get together.’ I got out on Wednesday and didn’t make any plans until after Sunday. All of those other things could wait. Seeing my fans is my top priority—I have to show my appreciation before I do anything else, I guess. There’s no doubt about that. It’s always been that way, so now it’s what everyone expects. ARMY supports me and they really make me happy. They’re incredibly important to me, so it makes sense that I would think about putting my time with them first.”

Source: Recreio

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