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These 5 habits that damage our teeth without realizing it

These 5 habits that damage our teeth without realizing it

Certain activities can damage tooth enamel and cause increased sensitivity, pain, cavity appearance, etc. Overview with Elodie Terer, microbiology researcher and dental surgeon.

Our teeth define our smile, allow us to communicate and eat properly. Taking care of it is not just a brush stroke, on the contrary. It is a set of habits that shape our hygiene and good oral health. And in order for the latter to be optimal, certain practices must be finally abandoned.

Use acidic and sweet products

Sugar and acid “cause enamel, the outer tissue of the tooth, to demineralize, which then becomes unable to protect the inside,” says microbiology researcher and dental surgeon Elodie Terer. The resulting brittleness contributes to cavities.” Here’s how the No. 1 enemy of healthy teeth is carbonated beverages, both sweet and sour. In absolute terms, it would therefore be ideal to no longer use this type of product that combines both characteristics, for example fruit juice, lemon or orange. But one of the solutions allows you not to deprive yourself abruptly. “Brush your teeth 15-20 minutes after taking this product,” advises the dentist.

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Bite your nails

Certain habits, such as using toothpaste or biting your nails, can “cause injuries to the gums and small cracks in the enamel,” explains Dr. Elodie Terrer. In the end, the consequences can be significant, for example, weakening of the teeth.”

The warning also applies to consuming or chewing hard objects such as ice cubes, unpopped popcorn kernels or even pen caps, which some people chew. Small cracks in the enamel can be noticed. This is followed by potential cavities, more or less severe pain, but primarily greater sensitivity to heat or cold. Reason ? “Underneath the enamel is a layer called dentin, which contains sensory cells,” explains the dentist.

Use fluoride-free toothpaste and an extra-hard toothbrush

Fluorine has a protective effect on enamel, so it is necessary not to do without it. Then you need to use a soft toothbrush. “We get the impression that we brush our teeth better when we use a medium or hard brush, which is false, because the brushes are harder, do not penetrate the dental gaps, then the brush is less effective and damages the surface of the tooth. “, the specialist comments.

We get the impression that we clean our teeth better when we use a medium or hard brush, which is false because the brushes are harder and do not penetrate the dental gaps.

Dr. Elodie Terer, microbiology researcher and dental surgeon

Furthermore, for good oral health, remember to change your toothbrush at most every 3 months and brush your teeth at least twice a day. If you want to adopt model hygiene, add floss or interdental brushes to this ritual.


Not surprisingly, the gesture discolors tooth enamel, which tends to yellow and “also favors the development of pathogenic microorganisms,” Elodie Terer points out. Furthermore, smoking exposes you to gum and periodontal disease, i.e. gum damage.

Make a mouthwash every day

Daily antibacterial mouthwashes have an indirect effect on the health of our teeth, as they modify the microbial flora. In short, they “kill” the bad bacteria, but also the good. However, “an imbalanced oral microbiota is a source of problems for our teeth and mucous membranes. Therefore, it is better to wash the oral cavity only for 8 to 15 days, immediately after brushing and every 6 months,” emphasizes the dentist. Be careful, he emphasizes. “mouthwashes are not a substitute for brushing your teeth.”

Source: Le Figaro

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