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Following rumors, NCT fans sent protest trucks to SM Entertainment

NCT’s Haechan and Johnny were the targets of unfounded accusations that have since been denied by SM Entertainment. Understand the case!

Johnny It is Haechanfrom NCT, were the target of rumors that alleged that the duo was involved in drug abuse and prostitution in Japan, causing fans of the group to organize a protest to stop the fake news.

According to the Koreaboo portal, trucks were sent with huge LED screens that broadcast the following messages:

  • Improve protection for your artists. Legal proceedings without any mediation. Quick and accurate statements.
  • SM, which has overlooked malicious comments directed at NCT for years, is an even bigger perpetrator. Process them without any mediation and make statements.
  • The malicious rumors targeting NCT are getting more serious, but KWANGYA119 is so useless. When will you protect your artists? We don’t need copy and paste statements. We want to know detailed status updates.

It is worth remembering that the agency that manages the careers of the idols and the group, SM Entertainment, issued a statement last Tuesday, 4th, where it revealed that after verification, they can state that the accusations directed at Johnny It is Haechan are false.

Furthermore, it states that these rumors are classified as “criminal acts that seriously defame the character of our artists” and that SM intends to “ensure that the perpetrators of these acts are punished legally, without settlements or leniency”, stating that legal action will be taken .

Source: Recreio

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