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“We were called ‘yoga guys’. when Alec Baldwin and Paul McCartney were next to each other;

The actor and the iconic Beatles member shared the same yoga class a few years ago. Not actually having the same level. An anecdote told by Alec Baldwin on the Wednesday 1st Podcasteh may

Imagine one of the iconic members of the Beatles in the middle of a yoga session with a major Hollywood actor. This is the incredible anecdote told by Alec Baldwin on the American podcast “Our Way with Paul Anka and Skip Bronson”, where famous people are invited to discuss their personal and professional lives. Invited this Wednesday, May 1, the 66-year-old actor, not without humor, confided that he envied the flexibility of his friend Paul McCartney.

“The Yoga Boys”

Speaking on the podcast, Alec Baldwin recalls taking a group yoga class with four men, including Paul McCartney, fifteen years ago. “We were called the ‘yoga guys,'” he reveals before adding that the “only” good one was the Beatles singer and bass player. “He had the most lithe body you’ve ever seen by the time he was 60, and he was so fit,” the actor reflects.

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One day, he recalls, Paul McCartney “stopped by and before he left he stopped and whispered to me. Impressed, but somewhat envious of the musician’s yogic mastery, Alec Baldwin jokingly replies: A scene that the actor never forgot. “I never thought I’d call one of the Beatles an idiot, but he always showed us his physical abilities. He was really very muscular,” he continued.

For his part, Paul McCartney is very proud of his athletic talents. “The handstand is my moment of glory when I’m at the gym… a yoga teacher once told me it helps me stay young,” she wrote in an Instagram post in September 2022. He appeared in the photo at the age of 80. , on her gym mat with her dog in company, feet together to the sky and head upside down. It’s enough to keep impressing Alec Baldwin.

Source: Le Figaro

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