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How does BABYMONSTER’s Ahyeon feel about being called ‘mini Jennie’?

After BABYMONSTER’s debut, netizens created the affectionate nickname for Ahyeon due to her great resemblance to the BLACKPINK member

Earlier this month, BABYMONSTER, YG Entertainment’s newest girl group, made their official debut with the track “SHEESH”, the title track of their first mini-album “BABYMONS7ER”, which also marks the group’s first release with all seven members since, during the promotion of “BATTER UP”, Ahyeon was away due to health problems.

It is worth remembering that BABYMONSTER is the first girl group to be launched by YG since BLACKPINK’s debut in 2016. For this reason, many people have dubbed the group as the “little sisters” of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé It is Lisa.

During the press conference for the release of “SHEESH”, Ramie commented that she feels honored with the nickname, and that she is very grateful for the mention.

“It’s an honor to receive attention as ‘BLACKPINK’s younger sister group’. Thanks to them, we are getting a lot of attention. I really think it’s a great honor and I’m grateful,” commented the singer.

It is worth remembering that, as presented in the reality show “Last Evaluation”, responsible for forming BABYMONSTER, the members of BLACKPINK actively participated in the group’s pre-debut period, acting as mentors in monthly evaluations and rehearsals.

In addition to the nickname given to the group, some internet users also created a cute way to refer to the group. Ahyeon: Little Jennieor mini Jenniein Portuguese, due to her similarity to BLACKPINK’s main rapper. Still at the press conference, the member of the newest girl group commented for the first time about how she feels about the comparison:

“Jennie sunbaenim has been my idol since I was a trainee. She was my role model and the one who inspired me. It’s an honor to be called ‘Little Jennie’ by someone like that. As a junior, I want to be better for my seniors and I want to be an artist who finds my own colors, like Jennie.”

Through social media, many fans have pointed out the physical similarity between Jennie It is Ahyeon, especially in one of his recent videos shared on TikTok. Check out some reactions!

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