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5 Disney and Pixar Villains That Are Hard to Forgive

All villains have a touch of evil, but some are impossible to forgive. Check out 5 of them!

Disney and Pixar have several charismatic and striking villains, which makes them remembered. However, some are more evil than others, having attitudes that are very difficult to forgive. Recreio brought some of these villains who have unforgivable attitudes.

1. Scar — The Lion King

Scar, villain from ‘The Lion King’ / Credit: Reproduction/ Disney

One of Disney’s most ruthless villains is Scar, from “The Lion King”. Despite being very charismatic, his desire for power outweighs any empathy he has for others — including his family. He is responsible for the death of his brother Mufasa, placing the blame on little Simba. To top it off, when he takes the throne, he breaks the entire Cycle of Life. Is there any way to forgive?

2. Frollo — The Hunchback of Notre-Dame

Frollo, villain from 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'
Frollo, villain from ‘The Hunchback of Notre-Dame’ / Credit: Reproduction/ Disney

“The Hunchback of Notre-Dame” is not Disney’s most famous film, but its villain is one of the most evil. Judge Claude Frollo committed barbarities against those who think differently than him, and especially those who do not follow the same religion as him.

Among his crimes, he hunted gypsies, killed innocent people, arrested and made Quasimodo a servant, in addition to planning to kill Esmeralda, just because his romantic interest in her was not reciprocated. But does not stop there! In his solo in the animation, titled “Fogo do Inferno” in Portuguese, we learn about all the bad things he has already done and planned to do.

Check out the song:

3. Ernesto de La Cruz — Viva – Life is a Party

Ernesto de la Cruz, villain of 'Viva'
Ernesto de la Cruz, villain of ‘Viva – Life’s a Party’ / Credit: Reproduction/ Pixar

One of the villains who fooled everyone was Ernesto de la Cruz, from “Viva – A Vida É uma Festa”. During the Pixar film, we learn that the songs that made him so famous were not his, but rather those of Hector, who was his friend until he died of poisoning by Ernesto himself. The musician also deceived Miguel, posing as a relative of his where, in the end, he tried everything to prevent the truth from being revealed so that he could maintain his good reputation, both in the world of the living and the dead.

4. Mother Gothel — Tangled

Mother Gothel, villain from 'Tangled'
Mother Gothel, villain from ‘Tangled’ / Credit: Reproduction/ Disney

In “Tangled” we meet Mother Gothel, who kidnapped and kept Rapunzel trapped in a tower because of her desire to stay young forever. Despite positioning herself as a motherly figure for the princess, she never had a motherly attitude, in addition to not treating Rapunzel well for 18 years. Her true interest was in the power of the flower, transmitted through the princess’s hair.

It’s worth remembering that in the end, she kills Flynn Ryder, but soon after loses all her beauty when Rapunzel’s hair is cut.

5. Lotso — Toy Story 3

Lotso, villain from 'Toy Story 3'
Lotso, villain from ‘Toy Story 3’ / Credit: Reproduction/ Pixar

Lotso’s cute appearance and strawberry smell managed to fool everyone. The villain of “Toy Story 3” goes to great lengths to achieve his goals and thinks even less about the consequences of his actions. He forces everyone to be loyal, even if he doesn’t agree with what he does, in addition to putting fear in the other toys.

Lotso was largely responsible for Woody, Buzz and the gang went through a lot of hardships, in addition to almost getting separated. And we can’t forget that our favorite toys were almost burned because the teddy bear tricked them once again.

Source: Recreio

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