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Heartwarming video of Caroline Receiver celebrating her first victory against cancer to the applause of doctors

Heartwarming video of Caroline Receiver celebrating her first victory against cancer to the applause of doctors

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In a sequence published on his Instagram page on Monday, October 9, the influencer talked about his illness and announced that he had taken a step towards his recovery.

There are sequences that celebrate memories and existence. The one posted by Caroline Reisswehr on her Instagram account on Monday, October 9, is one of them. Suffering from breast cancer and being treated for several months at the American Hospital in Dubai, the French influencer announced that he had taken the first step towards curing his disease.

Awareness and treatment

“Over 100 days of treatment and 6 rounds of chemotherapy later, here I am taking the first step in my long race to a full recovery,” Caroline Reisever wrote in the caption of the post. A text accompanied by a video in which we can see him wandering around the hospital where he is being treated. He warmly thanks the guardians, who applaud him in return. And ends with the ringing of a bell, symbolizing this step toward forgiveness. “I went through the shaft, I cried, I doubted, I was afraid, but slowly all this gave way to a huge wave of goodwill towards me and towards this stage, which allows me today to realize its meaning. the word, DIRECT,” he continued.

The one who disclosed about his illness on July 25 also returned to this difficult moment of awareness after the diagnosis. “I will remember these 5 months spent in suffering, of course, but above all in love, light and faith,” he emphasized. Before adding: “I had confidence like never before. In me, in my body, in my treatments, in my treatments, in LIFE. I cannot describe to you how beautiful the moments shared with my family over the past few months have been and washed away the darkest parts. Caroline Receiver even confided that she had never been so peaceful. “I can’t describe to you how happy I am, deeply happy like I’ve never been,” he said.

Thanks and support!

By the way, the former reality TV candidate did not hesitate to greet the staff of the American Hospital in Dubai. “I have deep respect and infinite gratitude to the medical staff of the American Hospital, who accompanied me in this phase, the most difficult, with so much kindness, benevolence, smiles… he said. I have a thought […] for my team of doctors, oncologists, surgeons, in whom I have placed all my trust and who save my life every day.” The grateful French woman is also grateful to her community. “Thank you for your support and all the love I’ve been getting every day since my announcement.” A true message of hope, which testifies to the optimism of its author. “I still have the steps of surgery, radiotherapy and immunotherapy, but my heart, head and soul are at peace, and I am for the first time in my life,” he concluded. A post that is sure to please its 5 million subscriber community.

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Source: Le Figaro

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