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Mari Saade makes a statement after controversies over sexual orientation

Mari Saade makes a statement after controversies over sexual orientation

Last Monday night, the 9th, the actress spoke about the subject on her social networks

Last Monday night, the 9th, Mari Saade It is Stênio Garcia made a statement following rumors about the actress’ sexual orientation. Recently, an alleged audio of her has circulated on the web.

“Whether I’m bisexual or not is none of your business, because my sexual orientation belongs to me and no one else. In fact, I always speak out in support of diversity and the LGBTQIA+ community, because we are all human beings and, therefore, that’s the same”, she said on her social networks.

“Take notice, because there is a gang that uses artificial intelligence to hack our cell phones, photos that we post, create dialogues to blackmail and those who are not afraid will not fall into these traps and will not pay for what they did not do”, continued.

“Anyway, nowadays we are victims of dirty scams on the internet, because even my bank passwords were accessed a month ago”, he spoke.

“Stênio and I are together 24 hours a day and our intimacy as a couple, and what we do or don’t do, also only interests the two of us. In fact, we want to see the face of this supposed lover who we don’t know and has never been to our house”, he added.

“Mind your own business and leave us alone, because between me and my love it’s worth whatever we want, ok. Good night and that’s it”, finished.

In the comments of the publication, Stênio wrote: “After they invented that I was in the ICU and that they invented my death in the journalist’s WhatsApp group, human beings are capable of anything.”

Source: Maxima

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