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5 idols who also served in the army as a public servant

Find out when and why BTS’s Suga and other idols served in the army as a public servant

Another BTS idol is heading to the army! This time, the group’s fans will have to say “see you later” to Sugawho will fulfill mandatory military conscription in South Korea from September 22nd this year, as announced by Big Hit through a statement released last Sunday, 18th.

How does the South Korean military enlistment work?

In short, in the Asian country, military service is mandatory for all males, who must present themselves for service from the age of 18, being able to postpone enlistment until the age of 28, or in the case of idols, until 30, due to the BTS Law.

When enlisting, they can perform active services, working in the Navy, Military Army, Naval Army and Air Force, and non-active services, such as social work or international cooperation, which are normally assigned to those who, when taking the aptitude exam, have been considered unfit due to health problems, financial difficulties, family situation, and other factors, as explained by The Korea Herald.

In case of Suga, it is believed that the idol performs military service as a public servant, which falls under the category of non-active services. This is because the rapper has a shoulder injury caused by a traffic accident in 2012.

As a public servant, he will be able to act as an agent in government agencies and social assistance institutes, working in schools, government buildings, parks, nursing homes and subway stations, according to information from The Korea Herald.

Even so, Suga is not the first artist in the Korean music industry to enlist as a public servant. With this in mind, RECREIO put together a list of 5 idols who also served in the army in the public services sector. Look!

1. Jay B (GOT7)

Credit: Disclosure/ CDNZA RECORDS

Carrying out his enlistment silently, no photos were posted of his new haircut or entering his military training base, nor was there any disclosure of when Jay B enlisted, although it is speculated by the singer’s fan base that he began serving in February this year.

However, it is known that the idol, who became the first member of GOT7 to enlist, is enlisting as a public service employee, as he was diagnosed with a herniated disc.

2. Mino (Winner)

Credit: Disclosure/ YG Entertainment

As the third member of WINNER to begin mandatory military service, Mino enlisted in March of this year. At the time, YG Entertainment, the agency responsible for the idol’s career, shared the following statement.

Today, [Song Mino] will enter the army training center and, after receiving basic military training for a certain period, he will carry out his military service as a civil service employee.”

Regarding the reason that led the idol to not act as an active soldier, a company source revealed that it was “personal information from the artist”, as reported by the KoreaIn portal. Look:

Song Mino will begin his alternative service as a civil servant from March 24.

The reasons for the low grade in his physical exam are personal information from the artist. So please understand that it is difficult to comment [sobre isso].”

3. Taemin (SHINee)

Credit: Disclosure/ SM Entertainment

Taemin, enlisted at the end of May 2021, serving in the military band that same year. However, in 2022, SHINee’s Maknae was transferred to the social services area due to worsening anxiety and depression, where his 18 months of service ended.

4. Kai (EXO)

Credit: Disclosure/ SM Entertainment

Kai, of EXO, reported to the military training center to begin basic training before serving as a public service employee in May this year. In the statement released by SM Entertainment, there are no details on why the idol was not considered fit for active duty. Remember!

Hello. This is SM Entertainment.

We came to convey sudden news to fans about Kai’s military service.

Kai was preparing for EXO’s return scheduled for this year, but due to a recent change in Military Manpower Administration regulations, he is expected to enter the army’s recruit training center on May 11, where he will receive basic military training and, then perform the role of public servant.

Out of respect for Kai’s intention to enlist discreetly, the location and time of his enlistment will not be revealed, and there will be no special event on the day, so we ask for fans’ understanding.

Regarding plans for EXO’s album, we will inform you as soon as the details are worked out.


5. Heechul (Super Junior)

Heechul (Super Junior)
Credit: Disclosure/ SM Entertainment

Between 2011 and 2013, Heechulfrom Super Junior, fulfilled his enlistment as a public servant due to health reasons not specified by the idol’s agency.

Source: Recreio

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