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#packwithme. A suitcase packing hashtag is going viral on TikTok

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Packaging: an entire art admired by social media, between the search for the latest revolutionary weekend bag and the tricks of traveling well-equipped.

With 22 million views on Instagram and 2 more on TikTok, the communication campaign around American brand ShoeDazzle’s Garment bag is a huge success. A video directed by Toria Curbelo showcases this smart luggage and boasts of its features. This one opens completely, lays flat and becomes a garment bag that you can slide yours into without folding them. Once zipped up, it takes the form of a bag to hold more items. Instagram users are amazed.

“This bag is genius,” “I need it,” read the many comments, accompanied by nearly 1.3 million “likes.” The model shown on the website for €86 ($92) is sold out. A small phenomenon that emphasizes the great love of social networks for luggage.

Indeed, the Kari bag competes with another one that is also popular on TikTok. This is a lower chamber model from the Beis brand. Its equivalent at a lower price, found on Amazon (a “dupe”, in the network’s slang), also takes place on the platform alongside many other travel bags or accessories. Hashtag #weekenderbag (i.e. “weekend bag” editor’s note), which lists test and recommendation videos of various models, has 90 million views alone.

“#Pack your bags with me”

If the search for the perfect bag is raging, it’s because it’s part of a more global fascination with the art of luggage. According to Marie Kondo’s organizing principles, social media is flooded with storage tips and videos of cleverly organized suitcases. What to put in luggage and how? Answers on TikTok, where is the hashtag? #pack with me (“Pack your bags with me” editor’s note) has amassed 3 billion views and collects all kinds of videos, from a user hastily packing a wardrobe for a boat trip with a Louis Vuitton bag to one meticulously locking all the sizes of cases needed for a four-month trip. In Europe. The purpose: find the perfect wardrobe to shine in your holiday photos and fit it into a more limited space.

Smaller, more economical

Because the great interest in these exercises can also be explained by the tightening of baggage policies of airlines. From now on, cabin bags must not exceed 45 × 36 × 20 cm in Easyjet or 40 × 25 × 20 cm in Ryanair, which greatly complicates the problem of travelers. And forces them to use tricks to save money. At the beginning of February, a trick was spread on TikTok. it included hiding their clothes in a pillowcase so they could sneak into the cabin. Ryanair even had to release a video to convince users who found themselves in the bag.

Source: Le Figaro

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