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Allergy to pollen. it is these mistakes that most often exacerbate the crisis

A house dust allergy is characterized by sneezing, itchy eyes, nasal congestion and difficulty breathing. RealPeopleGroup/Getty Images

The return of mild temperatures and sunshine is accompanied by an increase in pollen in the air. An overview of the mistakes you shouldn’t make to soothe your allergy attacks.

Pollen season is upon us. With 81 wards placed on red alert by the National Aerobiological Surveillance Network (RNSA) on Monday 22 May, the next few days are likely to be particularly painful for those most prone to grass pollen allergies. Allergies characterized by sneezing, itchy eyes, nasal congestion, and difficulty breathing should be monitored and treated. The allergist reveals the possibility of not applying again.

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To discover yourself

With spring temperatures and the return of the sun, it’s tempting to follow the seasonal adage and do what we love, which is to dress lightly. However, pulmonologist and allergist Madiha Ellafi reminds us of the importance of dressing appropriately. “to avoid direct contact with dust and to limit exposure to allergens, it is recommended to wear clothing as long as possible.”

Face and hair should also be protected. “Sunglasses or scarves, for example, are used to protect the irritated areas: eyes, nose and mouth,” says the specialist. For more sensitive people, wearing a mask can help on high exposure days.

Consider yourself a protected home

Clinging to our clothes and skin, pollen often crosses our doorstep without us even knowing it. “Therefore, it is wrong to think that we are in danger by entering,” comments Madiha Ellafi. To prevent allergens from spreading in our homes, it is recommended to take off your clothes when you get home, clean them and take a full shower, remembering to rinse your hair and face.

Particles also settle in the respiratory tract, and the simple fact of blowing the nose is not always enough to eliminate them; “Daily washing of the nose in the morning and in the evening with saline or physiological saline helps to remove the unbearable pollen,” informs the doctor.

Get out of the house anytime

During periods of peak pollen in the air, going outside during the hottest hours should be limited as much as possible. “The higher the temperature, the higher the dust in the air. Their concentration is therefore lower in the early morning and late evening, the allergist explains. In general, walks and activities such as outdoor sports, which make us “ventilate” strongly, so should rather be done at the beginning of the day or in the evening.

Madiha Ellaffi also invites you to watch out for certain aggravating factors. “Pollution and cigarette smoke irritate the mucous membranes. It is recommended to avoid exposure to it as much as possible in order not to accelerate the development of symptoms.

Mowing lawns

Mowing your lawn is the best way to expose yourself to allergens. And this is for a simple reason. the gesture makes the pollen fly in the air. “For allergic subjects, it is better to wait before mowing the lawn until the risk decreases and not to do it in the case of heat and wind,” notes the pulmonologist.

Wait for the big crisis to heal

At the beginning of the attacks, the symptoms of hay fever are usually tolerable. So many prefer to let a few days or even weeks pass before treating them. “They wait until they have severe rhinitis, terrible itching and they can’t even sleep before consulting,” the allergist observes. However, antihistamines, the drugs prescribed for allergies, reduce symptoms by only 30% on average, and their effectiveness does not increase with the intensity of the attacks. If the symptoms are already very developed, then we will have the impression that they are not enough.

Use corticosteroids

If some delay before resorting to drugs, others use extremely extreme measures. “Cortisone tablets should only be prescribed in the case of a major crisis, when, for example, a person has severe breathing difficulties and intolerable agitation. “Multiple administration of corticosteroids contributes to the occurrence of dangerous side effects: hypertension, diabetes or even osteoporosis,” warns the pulmonologist and allergist. The latter thus recommends local alternatives such as cortisone-based nasal and bronchial sprays.

Ignoring your immune system

Finally, in general, Madiha Elllaffi recommends that you don’t try to treat your allergies in isolation by targeting just your cold symptoms, but rather take care of your whole body. “It happens that some allergies disappear on their own when you improve your lifestyle. With better sleep, food and physical activity, the system restores balance and corrects some disorders, such as allergies,” the allergist summarizes.

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Source: Le Figaro

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