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5 unforgettable songs from the saga

Remember some of the most striking songs present in the Twilight franchise

Being one of the most popular sagas of the 2000s, Twilight presented the story about the love triangle between Bella, a human, Edward, a vampire, and Jacob, a werewolf. In addition to captivating the public with a plot full of mythology and drama, the productions also have a soundtrack that is loved by fans to this day.

Thinking about it, Recreio separated five unforgettable songs present in the Twilight movies. Check out!

1. Decode — Paramore

The track “Decode”, by the band Paramore, was made exclusively for the Twilight saga, but appears only in the end credits of the first feature. Despite this, many fans of the franchise and the group remain enamored with the song, claiming it to be one of the best ever made by the lineup.

2. A Thousand Years — Christina Perri

Performed by American singer-songwriter Christina Perri, “A Thousand Years” is one of the most remembered songs from the film. It is played at the end of “Breaking Dawn — Part 2”, as Bella and Edward meet in a beautiful garden and reminisce about key moments in their relationship.

3. Bella’s Lullaby — Carter Burwell

Being one of the iconic songs of the franchise, “Bella’s Lullaby” is an entirely instrumental song, and appears in different moments of the saga.

4. Supermassive Black Hole — Muse

Who doesn’t remember the classic scene where the Cullen family plays baseball in the middle of a forest while a storm approaches? In it, while the vampires are playing, we can hear the strong song “Supermassive Black Hole”, by the band Muse, in the background, making the sequence even more iconic.

5. Turning Page — Sleeping At Last

Bella and Edward’s wedding was one of the most anticipated moments in the franchise. In “Amanhecer — Parte 1”, when the human walks towards her future husband, we can hear the track “Turning Page”, completing the delicate and romantic atmosphere of the scene.

Source: Recreio

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