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How is the story told in the game ‘The Last of Us’?

Before following the second episode of ‘The Last of Us’, discover the plot of the game that inspired the series

On the night of this Sunday, the 22nd, ‘The Last of Us’, a series adapted from the game that receives the same name, will win its second episode at 11 pm directly on the HBO TV channel, also being included in the streaming service HBO Max. Remember the official trailer!

The plot seen on the small screen originally appeared in 2013, in the Naughty Dog game released for PlayStation 3. — But what is the story of the plot created by Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann?

The Last of Us

The first season of the series will follow the plot of the first game in the franchise, that is, the audience will accompany Joel, a cold and calculating man who became a smuggler in the post-apocalyptic world and receives the mission of escorting Ellie out of the military quarantine zone. .

This is because, the girl can contribute to the cure of the Cordyceps fungus mutation that infected the earth 20 years ago, since she is the only human who was exposed to the parasite and survived. During the mission, the duo faces several losses and threats, making them depend on each other to survive amidst the chaos.

The Cordyceps fungus

It is worth remembering that in the game, this organism mysteriously infects a large part of the population, leaving the survivors without resources and in a constant state of alert, since when infected by Cordyceps, the host becomes violent and starts to act like a true zombie, since their nervous system is now controlled by the fungus, which uses the human body as a transmission vehicle and searches for new victims to receive the parasite through bites.

The Last of Us II

Released in 2020, the franchise’s first sequel, ‘The Last of Us II’, is set in Jackson, a village in the state of Wyoming, five years after Joel and Ellie’s saga to leave the quarantine zone and find the cure in the U.S.

The duo, who lived in peace and had found the necessary harmony to survive among the infected, ends up suffering a turn in their history after a violent event causes Ellie to leave in search of new answers.

Inspiration for game creation

Ellie and Joel’s drama has as its backdrop the mutation of the Cordyceps fungus, which in fiction finds a great host in humanity. The truth is that the parasite, which is nicknamed the ‘zombie fungus’, exists in real life and was responsible for awakening the creativity of Neil Druckmannone of the creators of the game.

Druckmann I had watched the documentary ‘Planet Earth’ (2008), where the parasitic fungus that receives the scientific name of Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, adapts to the body of an ant and continues to develop and grow inside the insect’s organism, and for that, it spreads out of the little animal’s head.

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