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Ukraine’s harvest has reached 44 million tons of crops

In the last two weeks, farmers have harvested nearly 11 million tons of grain, boosting corn and sunflower yields.

Ukrainian farmers harvested 44.1 million tons of crops from a total area of ​​13.13 million hectares, according to the website of the Ministry of Agriculture on Friday, October 21.

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Within two weeks, the total area of ​​agricultural land where the crop was harvested increased by 5% – up to 67% of the previously planned area. During this period, 10.8 million tons of grain were harvested.

Harvesting of wheat, barley, peas and rapeseed has been completed.

Millet was harvested from 93%, buckwheat – from 88%, sunflower – from 68%, soybeans – from 52%, sugar beet – from 49%, corn – from 12%.

The final harvest of wheat reached 19.2 million tons from 4.7 million hectares, barley – 5.5 million tons from 1.6 million hectares, rapeseed – 3.1 million tons from 1.96 million hectares, peas – 261 thousand tons from 111.5 thousand hectares

In addition, 7 million tons of sunflower, 4.2 million tons of sugar beet, 2.7 million tons of corn, 1.9 million tons of soybeans, 141 thousand tons of buckwheat, and 97 thousand tons of millet have been harvested.

The average yield for all crops in the current season is 39.1 c/ha, including corn – 50.7 c/ha, wheat – 41.2 c/ha, barley – 35.1 c/ha, rapeseed – 28, 9 c / g .

It was earlier reported that farmers were two weeks behind schedule for harvest due to September rains.

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