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Ukrainian armored vehicles supplied M113 armored personnel carriers for OSB Lyut

Photo: Ukrainian armored vehicles

M113 tracked armored personnel carriers have been in service with the Ukrainian defense forces since 2022 and have shown themselves very well in various sectors of the front.

The design and production enterprise Ukrainian Armored Vehicles supplied the M113 armored personnel carrier to the Joint Assault Brigade of the National Police Lieut. The company announced this on its official page on the social network Facebook on Friday, June 7.

“The M113s are already helping the soldiers of the Lyut brigade to conduct combat missions on the contact line,” the message said.

Ukrainian Armor added that the M113 tracked armored personnel carriers will be in service with the Ukrainian Defense Forces from 2022.

“The equipment showed itself very well during the large-scale war in Ukraine and was involved in combat operations in various sectors of the front. Today it is one of the most common combat vehicles in the world. For more than half a century , 80 thousand of its units were produced in more than 40 modifications,” said the message.

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The weight of such an armored personnel carrier is 11,440 kg. Speed ​​- 61 km/h, the armor provides all-round protection from 7.62 mm caliber bullets, the frontal part – from 12.7 mm caliber. The armament consisted of a 12.7 mm Browning M2 machine gun with the ability to install additional shooter protection in the turret. The M113 can be armed with the Mk 19 automatic grenade launcher or the M47 Dragon or BGM-71 TOW anti-tank system.

Let’s recall that it was previously reported that Ukrainian armored vehicles also increased their own production tenfold during the two years of the full-scale war with the Russian Federation. The company has dozens of sites across the country. In the spring, he reported on the successful tests of a 10-seater specialized Novator armored vehicle with a domestically produced remote-controlled combat module.

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