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Foreign media reported from a mine on the front-line Pokrovsk

Foreign media reported from a mine on the front-line Pokrovsk

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Pokrovsk mines produce coal around the clock, although the front line is now 40 kilometers away.

Ukrainian miners continue to mine coal in the Donetsk region in the city of Pokrovsk, located 40 kilometers from the front line. Journalists from the leading Irish newspaper The Irish Times wrote about it.

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They visited the enterprises of the Metinvest group in Pokrovsk.

“Pokrovsk is in the crosshairs of Russian troops who captured Avdiivka in February and are now 40 km away. But there is no sign of panic in the long-time Ukrainian mining center, which now also serves as a military stronghold,” the article says.

Journalists recall that from the summer of 2014 to February 2022, the front line in Donbass was almost stationary, and coal from Pokrovsk continued to be supplied to the coke plant in Avdeevka. From there, millions of tons of coking coal are transported annually 130 km south to Mariupol, where, on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov, the Azovstal plant produces metal products that are supplied around the world.

“But two years ago, Russian troops bombed and then occupied Mariupol, and this winter they did the same in Avdeevka. Azovstal and AKHZ are now destroyed, and most of the Donbass mines are occupied or destroyed. But Pokrovsk is still mining around the clock, seven days a week, and last year it produced more than 5 million tons of coal,” the publication wrote.

Now coal from Pokrovsk supplies factories in other regions of Ukraine.

“In a coal mine up to 1km deep and in the large engineering workshops that keep the equipment running, the work is difficult and potentially dangerous, and bright signs on the walls remind workers that a loss of concentration can be deadly. They don’t want to talk about the war, but no one can handle it: of the 10,000 mine workers before the war, about 1,000 serve in the army.

Earlier, the British newspaper Financial Times made a report on the production of weapons models for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. It is installed in one of Metinvest’s businesses. Workers build mock-ups of the Soviet D-20 howitzer, American M777, radar system, radar, mortar launcher, and more.

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