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Kolomoisky refused to testify in the London court – PrivatBank

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Igor Kolomoisky will not attend cross-examination at a court hearing on the merits at London’s High Court on June 12, the bank said.

The former owner of PrivatBank, Igor Kolomoisky, refused to testify in the London High Court in the case of this financial institution. This was reported by the press service of the state PrivatBank on Friday, May 26.

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Kolomoisky is said to be “not ready to maintain his line of defense against the PrivatBank case while being examined at an upcoming court hearing, essentially at the High Court, starting Monday, June 12, in London.”

“In addition, it was confirmed that none of Mr. Kolomoisky’s witnesses were also ready to give oral evidence during the hearing on the merits,” the state bank said.

The financial institution recalled that the hearing on the merits concerns PrivatBank’s multibillion-dollar lawsuit on fraud and misappropriation of funds, among others, against Kolomoisky and his partner Gennady Bogolyubov, whose denial who testified during the hearing on the merits became known during the trial.

“Consequently, there are no witnesses at the trial who will testify in fact in favor of Mr. Kolomoisky and Mr. Bogolyubov,” PrivatBank said.

According to him, the defendants and their witnesses did not explain the reasons for refusing to testify. The bank believes that this indicates that the former owners did not adequately respond to PrivatBank’s accusation of fraudulent activities.

It will be remembered that in February 2023, the Supreme Court confirmed the legality of the nationalization of PrivatBank. This decision makes it impossible to return the bank to its former owners.

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