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The price of the dollar in Peru this morning March 30

What is the exchange rate this morning? | Fountain: Andean

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This morning this Thursday, March 30, dollar in Peru, the price of S/3.75 was registered at the interbank level.

price this morning is in line with what was recorded at the close of the exchange session last Wednesday, when the third consecutive fall in the dollar was reported.

Yesterday he exchange rate decreased by more than 0.29%. peruvian market as the US currency remains weak after incidents in the global banking system.

According to Reuters, investors are waiting for comments from the US Federal Reserve (Fed) and economic reports this week in search of clues about the future of monetary policy.

“In particular, they will focus on data on the central bank’s (US) preferred measure of inflation, the so-called core PCE deflator, which the Fed is likely to take into account in its next decision,” they said.

With today’s result, exchange rate in Peru, it is still 1.39% cheaper than it was at the end of 2022.

Dollar price for buying and selling

The latest report from the cuantoestaeldolar.pe platform states that money changers they buy the dollar at S/3.74 and sell it at S/3.78 on average.

Besides, in digital exchange offices the green ticket is said to be bought at about S/3.73 and sold for about S/3.78.

We remind you that from 09:00 a.m. price in dollars It will show changes related to the beginning of the exchange session, while the price may go up or down even before 13:30, when the session closes.

Source: RPP

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