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Felix Chertok about the new product for the Green Day brand

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Felix Borisovich Chertok, Vlasnik of AV Trading House, about the novelty of the Green Day “Power” premium burner. How the Green Day brand works for wartime.

For a good morning, Ukraine needs Strength.

The novelty of the modern premium burner GREENDAY is called “Power”. GRENDAY “POWER” – tse emotional help to the country in the view of the famous bitter brand. GREENDAY “POWER” rejoices in the form of rich burners on patriotic themes and quickly took your favorites. It is similar to the current design in the “military” style, where the power and energy of the product are taken into account, with unchanged quality, like this, despite the difficulties of GREENDAY..

We have the reputation for our products, we invest in our professionalism and the success of the development of the wine brand, which is the basis of the future success of our gallery. “, – Felix Chertok, head of the distribution company, appointed Trade House “AV”.

The company Trading house “AB” (ТМ Green Day) quickly responded to the current realities, continued to work, unaffected by the disruption of light, lack of workforce, parts. It should be noted that part of the Ukrainian territories has been paid and there are no sales there. Until then, on Birch-Day 2022, alcoholic beverages are not sold through the fence at the edge of the state.

“Not taking into account those that the market for the production of burners in Ukraine has significantly fallen on the cob of war, the efforts of Trading House “AV” are directed to those who want to save customers from such a long period of rich life, as well as work for the people.” By 2022, the percentage of Green Day’s sales lost to the pre-war level,” commented Felix Chertok.

And I give you trust, that you will be early, be kind, obov’yazkovo.

Source: korrespondent

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