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The plenary session of Congress discusses the final report on the constitutional complaint against Betsy Chevez, Roberto Sanchez and Willy Huerta.

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He plenary session of the Congress this Wednesday afternoon discusses the final report of the constitutional complaint submitted by the Attorney of the Nation, Patricia Benavidezwho proposes to accuse ex-ministers Betsy Chavez, Willie Orchard And Roberto Sanchez for alleged crimes of mutiny and conspiracy.

The meeting began after 4 pm, and, as determined by the board of directors, lawmakers had 2 hours to discuss the document. All the defendants were summoned and are in the cell.

Lady Camones MP, President Subcommittee on Constitutional Chargesbegan the meeting by explaining the details of the complaint, and then the parliamentarian Wilson Soto was responsible for its technical support.

The former ministers faced a constitutional complaint for alleged crimes of sedition and conspiracy. | Fountain: Andean


Standing Committee of Parliament endorsed a report recommending that Chávez, Huerta and Sanchez be blamed for these crimes.

The conclusions of the final report were voted on separately, so legislators could independently vote against each former minister.

The report also recommends that the former chairman of the Council of Ministers and the former minister of foreign trade and tourism be removed from their congressional positions while the State Department investigation is pending, and they may be reinstated if they are acquitted.

At the meeting of the Permanent Commission last week, it was also decided to create an accusatory subcommittee, which will formulate the relevant constitutional charges until tomorrow’s plenary session.

Source: RPP

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