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There will be no LPG in Arequipa for the next few hours due to the blockade.

LPG shortages have already shown up in Arequipa’s taps. | Font: Andean

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checkpoint This prevents the regular supply of various products, including liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), which affects drivers and housewives.

Peruvian Society of Hydrocarbons (SPH) warns that in Cusco, Puno and Madre de Dios There are no more reserves of this fuel, and in the next few hours Arequipa will also completely run out.

“It is inevitable that if today it is not possible to spread CIS to Arequipa, tomorrow in Arequipa auction. It is likely that tomorrow their stocks will run out,” said SPH President Felipe Cantuarias.

A recent RPP report indicated that city taps are already showing shortages of LPG for vehicles, but distributors still have a few LPG bottles at an average price of S/60.

When Mother of Godwhere the SPH warns that the supply has become impossible, the reports indicate that the gas cylinder has become worth up to S / 200.

“Puerto Maldonado no longer has gas. People sell it for SGD 200. The situation is critical. No gas, no petrol. Now I use coal. I use coal for cooking either,” commented a resident of the city.

On the other hand, Cantuarias pointed out that other regions that are at risk of stock shortages CISfor vehicles and kitchens, Tacna and Moquegua.

“There are restrictions in Tacna and Moquegua, food is still available, but if there are blockades again, there may be supply problems over the weekend,” he said.

The SPH President recalled that in Lima and the northern regions of the country there are indeed catering normal fuel.

“Lima and the north are working absolutely fine, there is a normal supply CIS brought to the ports, several ships sank. In Ventanilla, which is the main storage, there are enough reserves to supply all regions of the country,” he added.

With such a regular supply, it is indicated that the price of LPG and other types of fuel should not increase at gas stations and retail outlets.

Source: RPP

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