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North Korea continues to fire artillery in response to the maneuvers of the South

On Tuesday, Pyongyang fired similar shots towards the Yellow Sea. | Font: AFP

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The North Korean army again fired several artillery shells near the inter-Korean border today in response to the maneuvers that southern troops are conducting on its territory until October 28, which reflect the current level of tension on the peninsula.

“The army of The Republic of Korea (the official name of South Korea) discovered that North Korea had fired about 100 artillery shells from the coastal zone of Yeonan County in South Hwanghae Province into the West Sea (the name given to the Yellow Sea in the two Koreas),” the agency said. This is stated in a statement by the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS).

On Tuesday Pyongyang fired similar shots in the Yellow Sea and the Sea of ​​Japan, and, as today, artillery shells ended up in waters close to maritime borders, which both countries delimited in a military agreement signed in 2018, in which they promised to avoid maneuvers or live-fire exercises in these areas.

The JCS once again insists that such use of artillery is a “clear violation” of the aforementioned military agreement.

Today, a North Korean military spokesman assured that these live firing practices are a response to the “repeated military provocations” that Seoul presents with its maneuvers.

South Korean military exercises

This Monday South Korea began its annual Hoguk exercise, which will last until October 28 and includes the participation of units of the ground forces, air force, navy and marine corps, as well as some US troops.

Added to this are major aerial maneuvers that Seoul and Washington are planning between October 31 and November 4, and the possibility that Pyongyang, which recently launched nine missile launches in just 20 days, will conduct its first atomic bomb test since 2017. .

North Korea, completely isolated from the outside world since the start of the pandemic and having approved a weapons modernization plan in 2021, has refused to resume dialogue with the South or the United States and, according to satellites, has been preparing for months to conduct a new nuclear test in Pungeri (northeast). (EFE)

Source: RPP

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