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Russia: Russian fighter-bomber crashed into a residential building near Ukraine

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A Russian Su-34 military aircraft crashed today in the seaside resort town of Yeysk, washed by the Sea of ​​Azov, on the border with Ukraineand caused a major fire in a residential building, according to the Ministry of Defense Russia.

“At the crash site of the Su-34, in the courtyard of a residential area, the fuel of the aircraft ignited,” the ministry said in a statement, and footage on social networks filmed by eyewitnesses shows the building engulfed in flames.

According to local authorities, 17 apartments in a nine-story building were damaged.

accident while exercising

The pilots of the warship managed to eject before the crash, the Defense Ministry said, specifying that it was a training flight.

regional governor, Veniamin Kondratievsaid in Telegram that “all fire and rescue units of the region are working to extinguish the fire.”

Su-34 is a promising fourth-generation supersonic fighter-bomber with an armored cockpit. They are mainly used for assault missions.

City Yeysk It is located in the Tangarog Bay of the Sea of ​​Azov, opposite the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, controlled by Russian troops.

Russia will send a military arsenal to Belarus

Russia will send some 170 tanksup to 200 armored fighting vehicles and up to hundreds of artillery and mortar guns to the southern border Belaruswhich borders Ukraine, said today Ministry of Defense of Belarus.

Deputy Minister of Defense of the Republic of Belarus for International Military Cooperation, Colonel Valery Revenkotweeted this information after informing 19 foreign military attaches strengthening the state border Belarus and State Union with Russia in the south of the country.

To the military team that will send Kremlin a Belaruswho provided logistical support Russia in his military campaign Ukraine and lent its territory for an unsuccessful attack in February on the north and northeast of a neighboring country, will join 9000 Russian military to form a Russian-Belarusian “regional grouping”.

(According to AFP)

Source: RPP

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