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The National Guard destroyed a platoon of Russians

Photo: facebook.com/mvs.gov.ua

Kalinov’s defenders showed unique footage of the move to another firing line from Severodonetsk.

The warriors had to fight until the very end with the invaders so that they would not suspect the movement. As a result, “in isolation” of the defenders a platoon of Russians was destroyed.

This was reported in the Western Territorial Administration of the National Guard of Ukraine.

The National Guardsmen received an order to leave the surrounding city of Severodonetsk. Since all the bridges on the river were destroyed, they had to cross in small groups by boat.

Using night vision devices and tablets, the guides brought the fighters to the lake without sound and in complete silence. After walking nearly 10 kilometers, the defenders took everything, weapons and combat kits.

“In order not to be predicted by the enemy, they covered themselves with fire from grenade launchers and machine guns. When the occupiers decided that the Ukrainian soldiers were no longer at the plant, they calmly entered the territory. There they were met by the ammunition by the guards. machine gun and machine gun, “the report said.

The military clarified that evacuation from the city was necessary, as the enemy had overstepped the defense of Ukrainian positions from several sides.

Earlier, the NSU press service reported that the National Guardsman shot down six Russian aircraft from Igla MANPADS.

In addition, the National Guard showed footage of battles for Severodonetsk and Rubizhne during the difficult fighting.

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Source: korrespondent

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