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Harmony Tan – Serena’s failure.

At Wimbledon,

About preparing for the meeting
“When the draw came out, everyone told me. “Oh, you play Serena Williams.” And suddenly, I cut all the social networks, because there were a lot of messages … I did not want to get my head dirty with that. At first I did not believe in Wimbledon Central against a game-like legend, I told myself that if I won one or two games, it would be great. I started telling myself that I could do it as the game went on. After winning the first set, I believed it, but without really believing it. And finally I got there. »

About Serena
“At first I was not necessarily happy to meet him, then I thought it was an incredible opportunity to play on a legendary court like the Central Court. Playing with Serena Williams is impressive. I was with him before entering the court. And he impressed me because he is impressive. I was a little scared. But I quickly felt that he was nervous at the beginning of the game. But after not playing for a year, he still plays at an impressive level.

In the last set
“I felt he was getting tense even when he was leading 3-1. He made a few mistakes. He did not pass the first ball. I took 3-3. I clung to it to the end! And I went to get this great tie-break. I realized without really realizing it. I raised my hands, unsure. When I was happy to see my box, I understood.

In the center
“It was the first for me. I have never had the opportunity to train on it. When I reached the court, the atmosphere was very special. I have never felt this way in other Grand Slam tournaments. It was a bit mystical. It did not bother me, because when the audience is close, you do not have the impression that the court is big.

His strategy
“I wanted to make him move as much as possible, changing heights. And emphasizing the fronts. I wanted to destabilize him with my game, which is quite atypical. He was tired at the end of the game. It was more difficult for him to hit me in his movements.

On the grass
“This is my first season on the grass. I find it very pleasant. “I did not know I could play well on it.”

About the possibility of this victory
“It is possible to beat such a great player. Even if it is not an end in itself, but it is certainly the best victory of my career.

About the legend Serena
“Playing women’s tennis at the age of 40 is unbelievable, I admire it. He can play for a few more years at the age of 24e: Big helmet (smiles). He was not a childhood idol like Justin Henin or Bart. But it is certainly one of the greatest in history.

Source: Le Figaro

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