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“Major failures” of the UK climate strategy.

There are plans for London to achieve its climate goals “Major failures” while: “The urgency to get rid of fossil fuels has never been clearer”On Wednesday, June 29, discussed by an independent commission.

Regardless “There are policies in many spheres of the economy now.” In particular, in order to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050, they are endangering their target in many areas, according to a press release from the Climate Change Committee (Climate Change Committee). More than a third of the emissions reductions that need to be done, thus covered by a credible plan, the committee estimates. “The current strategy will not achieve carbon neutrality.”.

In a 600-page report, the organization believes that the most remarkable progress of the government can be found in the installation of renewable electricity or even electric cars, which have a strategy. “Well designed”. In contrast, “There is a shocking hole” to better insulate British homes on a budget, in particular “Taking into account the rise in energy prices”criticizes the committee, which also regrets the lack of progress in reducing agricultural emissions.

In particular, the report says the government should encourage a reduction in demand for high-carbon activities through curbing a healthier diet or increasing demand for air travel. “The crisis of the cost of living should stimulate the actions needed to end energy waste in our homes”, using a national isolation plan, responded to a statement from Amy McCarty from Greenpeace in the UK. But: “This government seems more inclined to encourage hydrocarbon giants by offering them tax breaks”he condemned.

In late May, London decided to impose a tax on the profits of oil giants to finance billions of pounds in aid, given the rising cost of living. But this tax could be significantly reduced if the energy giants in question invest in new energy sources. The British government has recently revised its energy strategy to strengthen nuclear, wind, solar, but fossil fuels in the North Sea to increase security of supply in the context of the Ukraine war.

Source: Le Figaro

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