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Sutep’s teachers march and demand that President Pedro Castillo fulfill his campaign promises [VIDEO]

March of Sutepa | Font: PTR

Teachers from the United Union of Education Workers of Peru (Sutep) march through the streets of Cercado de Lima on Tuesday to protest the violation of President Pedro Castillo’s campaign promises.

Lucio Castro, General Secretary Suteppointed to RPP news that their demands were not met by the government, and claimed that this was why they were mobilizing.

“The main reason is the requirement to fulfill election promises, we are very worried about the rise in the cost of living, which always directly affects workers. We have specific demands, such as raising teachers’ salaries, appointing teachers, attention to the unemployed and pensioners who have an unworthy pension, and a guarantee of compliance with the Constitution, which establishes 6% of GDP for education,” he said.

They issue a warning to Castillo

In addition, Lucio Castro warned that if the president Peter’s castle does not fulfill his election promises, then the mobilization will spread to the national level and they will seek to remove him from the government.

“The truth is that in the country the conflict tends to spread and escalate, and the discontent of the workers tends to increase. Lock, we have to take him out if he doesn’t mend his ways and mend and deliver on his campaign promises,” he said.

The organization employs over 300,000 teachers. Sutep that they will honor this mobilization today and ensure that this march does not involve the cancellation or suspension of underage classes.


Espacio Vital: The country is currently dominated by BA.2 with 28%, BA.5 with 20% and BA.4 with 11%, said Dr Victor Suarez, head of the National Institutes of Health (INS). ). He clarified that they do not appear to be more severe than other Omicron sub-lines, but a person can be infected or re-infected even if vaccinated, however vaccines are important because they prevent death, so he urged people to get a fourth dose. Finally, Dr. Suarez confirmed that Peru could conduct a molecular test for monkeypox and that there were no cases in the country.

Source: RPP

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