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Man caught with 100 live snakes in his pants in China

Man caught with 100 live snakes in his pants in China

Photo: China Customs

China is one of the largest animal trade centers in the world, but in recent years the country’s authorities have stepped up their fight against the illegal trade.

Chinese customs officials have detained a man who tried to smuggle more than 100 live snakes in his pants. The Guardian reported this.

The unnamed traveler was intercepted by customs officials as he tried to flee from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to China’s border city of Shenzhen.

“During the inspection, the customs officers found in the pockets of the pants worn by the passenger, six plastic bags with ties, sealed in each bag they found live snakes with different shape, size and color,” the Chinese custom officials said in a statement.

In total, law enforcement seized 104 reptiles, including milk snakes and corn snakes, many of which are non-native species.

“Those who violate the rules will be held accountable according to law,” customs officials said, without specifying the punishment for the man.

It was previously reported that a giant reticulated python ate a 50-year-old woman in Indonesia. His body was found in the reptile’s stomach the next day.

The world’s largest snake was killed in the Amazon forest
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Source: korrespondent

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