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After his visit to the Russian Federation, Orban wrote a secret letter to the EU

After his visit to the Russian Federation, Orban wrote a secret letter to the EU

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The Hungarian leader outlined Russian propaganda about “peace for Ukraine” and insisted on a ceasefire in Ukraine.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, after his visits to Kyiv and Moscow, sent a letter to the head of the European Council, Charles Michel, and to the heads of EU member states. In it, Orbán insisted on a temporary ceasefire, because if it is not done, “in the next two months we can witness more dramatic events on the front.” This was reported on Monday, July 8 by several media outlets that received the text of the letter.

It was noted that the letter was sent on July 5 from Azerbaijan, where Orban went after a meeting with Putin.

The Hungarian leader wrote that the Russian authorities are confident that “time is not on the side of Ukraine, but on the side of the Russian forces.” In addition, it was noted that during the conversation with Orban, Putin did not mention the losses in Russia on the front, but he talked a lot about his calculations of losses in Ukraine.

Orban also wrote that the Russian dictator was “surprised that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky rejected a temporary ceasefire,” the material said. As Orban notes, Putin is said to be willing to consider any proposal for a ceasefire, but one that does not contribute to the “covert redeployment and regrouping of Ukrainian forces.”

In addition, the Hungarian Prime Minister mentioned in the letter that Putin considers the so-called agreements in Istanbul “relevant” and refers to the fifth paragraph of the document, which “refers to international security guarantees to be given to Ukraine.” We are talking about the veto right of the so-called security guarantors of Ukraine on the possible use of force against it, and Russia wants to see itself in these guarantees.

In addition, the Russian dictator spoke about the so-called Sino-Brazilian peace plan. According to Orban, this plan is “considered by the Russian side.”

At the same time, Putin did not answer a direct question about the Peace Formula and Peace Summit, which took place in June in Switzerland, Orban said.

“If we cannot stop or prevent this process, in the next two months we will witness more dramatic losses and military events on the front line than before,” Orbán said.

Orbán spent the rest of the letter repeating his thesis that “Europe needs peace” for economic prosperity, and that the chances for peace are diminishing “due to the fact that diplomatic channels are blocked and there is no direct conversation between the parties.”

He also summarized that Europe should make an “autonomous initiative”, because the United States, according to him, is busy with the election campaign.

Let’s recall that on July 2, the Prime Minister of Hungary visited Ukraine for the first time since the beginning of a full-scale war and met with President Vladimir Zelensky. He suggested that Ukraine cease fire and then start peace negotiations with Russia.

Orbán subsequently visited Moscow. Traveling from Moscow after a meeting with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, the Hungarian prime minister said he plans to make several more “surprise” visits.

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Source: korrespondent

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