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Result 02.04: Impact on oil refineries and changes in mobilization

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Drones attack an oil refinery and a Shahedov production plant in Tatarstan; The demobilization of conscripts began in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and Zelensky approved changes to the mobilization. Athletistic highlights yesterday’s key events.

Drones attack an oil refinery in Tatarstan

In the morning, drones attacked the TANECO oil refinery complex in the Russian city of Nizhnekamsk (Tatarstan). Interfax-Ukraine, citing an informed source, reported that the night “bavovna” at the refinery was a joint operation of the SBU and the Main Intelligence Directorate. A Ukrainian long-range drone hit a primary oil processing unit at a refinery in Nizhnekamsk, then a fire broke out there. It is stated that the capacity of this installation is 8 million tons of oil, which is 2.6% of the total annual refining of the Russian Federation every year. At the same time, the plant itself is one of the five largest oil refineries in Russia.

In the Russian Federation, when it comes to the plant where “Shaheds” are built – media

Drones also attacked the plant where Shaheds gather in Yelabuga (Tatarstan). According to preliminary information, one of the factories and a dormitory were damaged; eyewitnesses mention at least two arrivals. Some sources report that a complex of eight hostels, built for employees of the special economic zone and students of the local college Alabuga Polytechnic who work at the plant, has been damaged. By the way, the plant is located 1200 km from the border of Ukraine. This is the first time that Ukrainian drones have attacked something at such a distance.

Demobilization of conscripts in the Armed Forces of Ukraine has begun

In Ukraine, the process of transferring reserve military personnel whose military service expired during the period of martial law, and whose military service was extended beyond the established deadlines, has already begun. The demobilization will last until the end of May. It is known that the number of people called up will be transferred to the reserve, except for military personnel who have signed a contract with the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Zelensky approved the mobilization changes

President Vladimir Zelensky signed several laws on changes to the mobilization process. The most important thing that will change now is the age limit for conscripts. Now men from 25 years old are subject to mobilization, and not from 27, as before. He also supported the introduction of an e-office for those liable for military service and agreed to a repeated medical examination for those with limited fitness for military service.

Dnepr was hit by a missile attack, there were wounded

Russian aggressors launched a missile attack on the city of Dnepr during the day. Five children and eight adults were injured. The buildings of the college, kindergarten, and training base of SC Dnepr-1 were destroyed. President Vladimir Zelensky promised a more long-term response to such attacks.

The creation of a tribunal for Russia was discussed in The Hague

A ministerial conference “Restoring Justice for Ukraine” was held in The Hague, where 44 states signed a final declaration supporting the idea of ​​creating a special tribunal for the crime of Russian aggression and use of its fixed assets for Ukraine. Strengthening joint efforts to ensure proper investigation and accountability for all violations of international law committed during Russia’s war against Ukraine, including the crime of aggression, is also welcomed.

President Vladimir Zelensky also addressed the conference participants. He said the international community must ensure that every potential aggressor is punished. And everyone who leads Russia after Vladimir Putin should know that justice is stronger than the walls of the Kremlin.

Germany will allocate €576 million for Ukrainian shells

Germany will provide 576 million euros for the Czech initiative to buy artillery ammunition for Ukraine, which will cover the cost of 180 thousand shells. Last month, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced a €478 million aid package for Ukraine, in addition to support for the Czech ammunition initiative. At the same time, he announced that Germany’s contribution would cover the cost of 180 thousand shells. “Thus, the total cost of both support measures is more than one billion euros,” said a representative of the German Ministry of Defense.

The International Register of Losses has begun accepting applications

The city of The Hague in the Netherlands announced the technical launch of the international Register of Damage and the start of receiving applications from victims of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation. The main task of the international Damage Register is to receive and process claims of damages and evidence; classify and organize such applications, review and determine the suitability of applications for inclusion in the Register and record acceptable applications for the purpose of their future consideration and decision.

Diya started accepting applications to the Register of Losses

A service has been launched in the Diya application to clarify the data of the international Register of Damage regarding future reparations. “In the first stage, submit applications by application about the destroyed or damaged real estate: a private house, apartment, country house or garden or other place of residence. Next, it is possible to submit applications to the register about on forced migration, damage to life, health, torture and sexual violence. Then businesses and the state can file complaints,” the Ministry of Digital Development reported.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces broke a record number of Russian guns

In March, the Ukrainian military destroyed most of the Russian artillery systems since the start of a full-scale war – 976 units. This is the highest number in a month since the start of the massive offensive, the Defense Ministry said. According to the published infographics, in January the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed 746 artillery systems, and in February – 878. In 2023, the highest number of enemy artillery systems destroyed by the Defense Forces was recorded in September – 947.

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