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The OP responded to the Hague warrants of the commander of the Russian Federation

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Russian organizers and perpetrators of war crimes will be named in the dock in international jurisdiction, said Mikhail Podolyak.

The decision of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague to issue an arrest warrant for two Russian commanders for their war crimes against Ukraine was not infallible. Advisor to the head of the Presidential Office, Mikhail Podolyak, wrote about this in Telegram on Tuesday, March 5.

According to him, the commander of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, Viktor Sokolov, and the commander of the long-range aviation of the Russian Federation, Sergei Kobylash, “systematically and deliberately used military instruments for mass killing of the civilian population .of Ukraine and continues to carry out orders for large-scale missile attacks on the territory of a sovereign country.”

According to Podolyak, this ICC decision clearly indicates that three circumstances have changed:

  • Russia’s war crimes will receive a proper legal assessment;

  • the international world has clearly documented the type of war that Russia is waging on the territory of Ukraine and against the civilian population;

  • no more bans on orders for Russia and no more “historical delays”.

“A roll call in international jurisdiction for the undisputed Russian authors, organizers and perpetrators of war crimes,” he added.

We remind you that on March 5, the Hague court issued arrest warrants for the commander of the long-range aviation of the Russian Federation Sergei Kobylash and the commander of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation Viktor Sokolov. They are responsible for a war crime by attacking civilian objects, as well as a crime against humanity.

As you know, on March 17, 2023, the ICC issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin, accusing him of illegally deporting thousands of children from Ukraine. A warrant was also issued against children’s ombudsman Maria Lvova-Belova.

The Kremlin then said that the Russian Federation does not recognize the jurisdiction of the ICC and that they consider its decision “worthless”. At the same time, Putin did not go to the BRICS summit in South Africa because he was threatened with arrest there on an outstanding warrant.

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Source: korrespondent

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