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Ukrainian basketball player, shot to death in Germany

Photo: facebook.com/KyivBasketballFederation

Another member of the team is in intensive care. The Basketball Federation says the reason for the attack on the boys is their nationality.

In Germany, Ukrainian basketball player 17-year-old Vladimir Ermakov was stabbed to death in the street; his friend Artem Kozachenko is in intensive care. The Kyiv Basketball Federation reported this on the evening of Monday, February 12.

It was noticed that unknown people with knives attacked Vladimir and Artem because of their nationality. The incident took place a few days ago in Dusseldorf, Germany, where the athletes attended the competitions. Vladimir Ermakov and Artem Kozachenko played for the youth team ART Giants (U-19) from Dusseldorf.

“On the eve of the next match, they were attacked by knives on the street just because they were Ukrainians. The whole team spent the night in the hospital next to our guys. Unfortunately, the doctors could not save Ermakov, and Kozachenko remains in intensive care,” the statement said. message.

It was also noted that the local police are already investigating the case, and there are witnesses at the crime scene.

Ermakov played basketball and played in the children’s teams Teyvaz and 5T.EAM-DYUSSH-12 (born in 2006). As a member of the Ukrainian youth team (U-16), he competed at the 2022 European Championships in Bulgaria.

Let’s remember that in November last year in Germany, a group of seven young Russians deliberately provoked and attacked four Ukrainians.

It was previously reported that in the German city of Einbeck a man attacked two Ukrainian-speaking children. The man himself speaks Russian. He was placed on the wanted list.

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