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Putin justifies Hitler’s attack on Poland

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The Russian dictator, in an interview with Carlson, said that Poland “incited” Nazi Germany to start World War II.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin believes that Adolf Hitler’s decision to invade Poland on September 1, 1939 was fair. He said this in an interview with American journalist Tucker Carlson.

“This part of the territory was given to Poland and instead of Danzig (German name – ed.) the city of Gdansk appeared. Hitler asked them (the Poles – ed.) to give it up peacefully. Refused the Poles, played hard and forced Hitler to start the Second War with them,” Putin said.

The American journalist supported him and said: “Of course.”

It should be noted that in social networks they compared Putin’s conversation yesterday with Adolf Hitler’s interview with the American journalist von Wiegand in June 1940. Users came to the conclusion that the main provisions of the two dictators -will match 100%. In particular, Hitler made the following statements:

  • “We have no territorial or political interests in America.”

  • “I myself am a follower of the Monroe Doctrine: America to the Americans, Europe to the Europeans!”

  • “American intervention with massive supplies of aircraft and military equipment cannot change the outcome of the war.”

  • “We don’t have a fifth column in your countries, it’s just a fiction, your incompetent governments caused the war, and now they’re looking for the culprit.”

  • “I asked for nothing more than to be considered and treated as an equal country.”

We remind you that Putin’s extensive interview with American journalist Tucker Carlson was released last night. It was widely disseminated by Russian propaganda. Carlson arrived in Moscow for a few days, his visit was also actively covered by the Russian media.

The Kremlin also commented on Putin’s interview with Carlson, saying it will be “read and analyzed for more than a day.”

Ukraine refutes Putin’s fake claims
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