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The US Senate does not support aid to Ukraine: what’s next?

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The Kyiv aid and border security bill did not receive the necessary 60 votes in the US Senate.

The US Senate failed a procedural vote on a bill that would have provided aid to Israel and Ukraine and strengthened measures to control the United States’ southern border. During the voting period, the Democrats did not get the required 60 votes; there are only 49 in favor and 50 against.

Let’s remember that the package provided for the allocation of $118 billion, including $60 billion for Ukraine, as well as immigration reform, which the Republicans requested.

Failed vote

For months, Republicans have insisted that any additional aid to Ukraine and Israel must be tied to the issue of immigration. Therefore, the draft bill includes many concessions from the White House, American media note.

Later, former US President Donald Trump intervened in the situation and began to put pressure on the Republicans to reject any compromise with the Democrats. In particular, he called on lawmakers to strictly control immigration and make this issue part of his presidential campaign.

As a result, when the compromise bill was introduced on Sunday, the GOP immediately rejected it, and during the February 7 vote, the package was supported by only four of the 49 Senate Republicans.

“Trump’s marching orders”

After the failed vote, Democrats expressed anger at Republicans for opposing the border deal, arguing they cannot be trusted as negotiating partners and saying they are being pressured by Trump to keep the border in the political spotlight. .

Although the former US president criticized the border bill as too weak, it would introduce tough changes to immigration laws and give the White House sweeping powers to limit illegal migrant crossings at the southern border. . The Wall Street Journal called the deal “the toughest immigration law in decades.”

As a result, the bill was criticized by some Democrats, CNN wrote. Thus, Democratic senators Bob Menendez from New Jersey and Alex Padilla from California strongly opposed the border agreement.

Calling it “unacceptable” Menendez said: “If these changes are considered for Trump, Democrats will be angry, but because we want to win elections, Latinos and immigrants are already being victimized now.”

In a statement, Padilla said the document “misses the mark,” adding that it “causes more chaos at the border, not less.”

At the same time, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer admitted that the unsuccessful vote for the bill was the Republicans’ implementation of “Trump’s marching orders.”

“We all know what’s going on here. Donald Trump wants to keep the chaos at the border so he can exploit it during the campaign, instead of letting the Senate do the right thing and fix it,” Schumer said.

plan b”

Despite the fact that the US Senate does not have enough votes for a bipartisan agreement, Ukraine can rely on Plan B.

Chuck Schumer is expected to hold a procedural vote on an emergency aid package for Israel and Ukraine that would overturn the border agreement. Voting for a “clean” document can take place today, February 8.

Schumer noted that the Senate would adjourn for the day to “give our Republican colleagues the night to fix” the bill.

As The New York Times notes, despite the delay, “there are glowing hopes” that an aid package for Ukraine and Israel will go ahead and be passed within days.

It is known that the “clean” document no longer talks about funding the issue of migration, but it is planned to send $60.1 billion to Ukraine and $14.1 billion for security assistance to Israel. It also provides another $10 billion for humanitarian assistance to civilians in global crises, including Palestinians and Ukrainians.

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