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Biden’s opinion about Zelensky and Putin. new book

Biden’s opinion about Zelensky and Putin.  new book

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A new book about Joe Biden has been released in the US – The Last Politician: The Inside World of Joe Biden’s White House and the Fight for America’s Future.

Perhaps nowhere in the world is the genre of political memoirs as popular as in the United States. From the books of Donald Trump’s wards, the world learned many interesting things about the backstage of the White House during his reign. A similar book was published about the current US President Joe Biden. The author is American journalist Franklin Feuer, a correspondent for The Atlantic magazine and former editor of The New Republic. The book examines Biden’s personality and his first two years in the White House as President of the United States. The media has already called this publication “the first book that explains Joe Biden.” In many sections of the book, Foer does not provide direct citations or source opinions to support his assessment, although the book’s official synopsis states that the author has “exclusive access to the group of Biden’s longtime advisers.”

Zelensky’s first impression

The book says that at their first meeting in September 2021, Joe Biden and Volodymyr Zelensky failed to establish a rapport because the US president was “pissed off” by the Ukrainian leader’s insistence that Kiev join NATO and, as says the author, “absurd analysis.” of the development dynamics Alliance.

In particular, Franklin Foer summed up the tone of the meeting in the following words: “Zelensky’s frustration overshadowed his ability for logic. After the demands to join NATO, he continued in the interview that this organization is a de facto historical relic and losing its influence. He told Biden that France and Germany were leaving NATO. It was an absurd analysis and a glaring inconsistency. And that pissed off Biden.”

On the eve of the first meeting, the presidents of Ukraine and the United States have a low opinion of each other, follows from Franklin Foer’s book. He wrote that Zelensky considered Biden weak, especially because of his decision in early 2021 to lift sanctions against the Russian company that is building the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. The President of Ukraine believes that the this project undermines Ukraine’s economic and security interests. At the same time, Biden is also not very fond of Zelensky, especially because of the Ukrainian president’s close relationship with Republican Senator from Texas Ted Cruz, who also criticized the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Then, in protest against the White House position Cruz blocked several key State Department appointments in the Senate. “Whether he realizes it or not, Zelensky is an accomplice in this stunt,” Foer wrote. “It smacks of what the Biden administration considers a novice. To be honest, Biden doesn’t have a high opinion of his Ukrainian counterpart either.”

The author of the book paints a picture of a rather dismissive attitude towards Vladimir Zelensky. So, recalling Biden’s role in US-Ukrainian relations during the presidency of Barack Obama, Foer said that the former vice president was “deeper involved in Ukrainian politics than Zelensky.” At the time, Biden was 78 and Zelensky was 43, and the US president, as the older man, was “trying to convey a certain amount of wisdom that could contain the enthusiasm of the younger,” Foer wrote. .

“Even Zelensky’s most ardent sympathizers in the Biden administration agreed that he failed at the meeting,” wrote Franklin Foer, allegedly hinting that there would only be “more difficult conversation” in the future.

Shit Putin

The book claims that Biden once described Putin to a friend as a silly schoolboy. Politico cited the quote, indicating that Biden meant “Putin’s slouch” – this can be translated as Putin’s outward bowing, and as his general “dullness” or incompetence (informal meaning of the word slouch).

On the other hand, the author of the book said that after all the efforts of Russian propaganda to portray Biden as a weak old man, Putin was amazed at how fit the US president was when they met in Geneva in 2021, less than a year. before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“When Putin greeted Biden, he seemed struck by his appearance. “You look beautiful,” he exclaimed, Foer wrote.

The author points out that Putin was clearly impressed by the fact that Joe Biden is not a cranky old man, which he felt the need to point out in a conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, when he told her about the outcome. of the meeting. on the phone. “President Biden is in very good shape,” the Russian dictator said at the time.

Source: korrespondent

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