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Japan: Ministry of Health approves the use of abortion pills

The approval of the abortion pill was in response to popular demand for more reproductive rights and on the recommendation of a committee of experts. | Fountain: Andes / Reference photo

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He Ministry of Health Japan approved the use abortion pillthe first, which can be used legally in the country in response to popular demand for more reproductive rights and following the recommendation of a committee of experts.

This decision was taken at a time when the Prime Minister’s government, Fumio Kishidais developing a plan of action as part of an “unprecedented” effort to increase the birth rate in a country where fewer than 800,000 children were born last year, the lowest since 1899, when authorities began keeping counts.

He Ministry of Health would set up this panel to review the approximately 12,000 comments collected asking for the approval of the pill, which would mean an alternative to the surgical procedure available in the country and is the only legal way to have an abortion at this time. Japan.

This review is in response to a request from British pharmaceutical company Linepharma, which in 2021 requested permission to distribute in an Asian country their Mefeego abortion drug, which includes two types of drugs, mifepristone and misoprostol.


However, the move is not without controversy. The drug will not be covered by Japanese health care, so reproductive rights activists have raised concerns about the possible cost of the pill.

The current policy, which requires the husband’s consent from married people before starting the process, is also under discussion, which the ministry has confirmed will be equally necessary with the pill.

For his part, Minister Masanobu Ogura, who is in charge of the birth control plan, said this week that “the next six or seven years will be the last opportunity Japan reverse the downward trend in fertility.

Among other upcoming measures, the Japanese government plans to remove the maximum income cap on monthly cash payments to parents and extend the payments, which currently end when a child turns 15, until graduation from high school.

He Government it will also increase the amount of the allowance for families with three or more children, the Japanese government network is collecting nhk. (EUROPEAN PRESS)

Source: RPP

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