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Gustavo Petro speaks for Venezuela before Joe Biden: he offers to lift sanctions if Chavismo is in line with the “election agenda”

Gustavo Petro and Joe Biden met this Thursday at the White House. | Fountain: EFE

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Colombian President Gustavo Petro made an offer to his American counterpart on Thursday Joe Biden “gradually” lift sanctions against Venezuela if he satisfies the “election agenda” during a meeting at the White House in which he was asked to defend a swap of debt for climate action.

Colombia Next week there will be an international conference on the stalled political dialogue in Venezuela, in which the United States will participate.

This meeting will be aimed at “establishing the minimum of a great agreement that guarantees not only elections, the lifting of sanctions, but also the normal life of all political actors.” Venezuela- confirmed Petro at a press conference after meeting with Biden.

So far, Washington, which does not recognize Nicolás Maduro’s Chavista government, has warned that it will keep its sanctions until it sees “concrete steps” towards democratization and has insisted that its goal is “free and fair” elections.

Dialogue between government and opposition Venezuela It has stalled since November, and Maduro is demanding the lifting of sanctions.

“In one part of the balance is the question of elections in Venezuelaand in the other part of the balance – sanctions,” he confirmed Petro.

The former partisan and former senator proposed to “build two rails”.

“One, that Election schedule in Venezuela with guarantees, the entry of Venezuela into the Inter-American system of human rights”, an organ of the Organization of American States (OAS), and another: “the gradual and consistent deactivation of sanctions,” he explained.

Petro, who denies his role as an intermediary, did not elaborate on what he replied. Bidenbut assured that “one rail” is not conditioned by the other.

“Hold elections first, then lift sanctions”

According to him, the goal is that “people can freely, without sanctions and without pressure, decide their social and political destiny” in the presidential elections scheduled for 2024, which do not take into account the participation of Maduro.

“A strategy has been laid out on the table that is to first hold elections and then lift the sanctions or gradually, as the election agenda progresses, it should also go away, while gradually lifting the sanctions,” he explained. journalists.

Petro was greeted with praise Biden, for which Colombia is the “cornerstone” in Latin America. He congratulated and joked about his birthday, to which Petro replied that today is 63 years old “like 40”.

“We have a chance if we work hard enough to create a unified, egalitarian, democratic and economically prosperous Western Hemisphere,” added the octogenarian president, who praised Colombia for its “hospitality” to Venezuelan refugees.

(According to AFP)

Source: RPP

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