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Results of 19.01: Arms in Ukraine and tribunal to Putin

Several countries have announced new military aid to Ukraine; The European Parliament approved the tribunal for Putin and Lukashenko. Athletistic highlights yesterday’s key events.

The US announced a new aid package for Ukraine

The United States has allocated a new $2.5 billion military aid package to Ukraine. A large list of the new package has been published on the Pentagon’s website. In particular, Washington will transfer 59 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and 90 Stryker armored vehicles to Kyiv. In addition, the new package will include ammunition for the NASAMS anti-aircraft missile system and the Avenge air defense system.

Several other countries have also announced new military aid to Ukraine.

For example, Estonia will provide a record military aid package worth more than 100 million euros, which is the largest aid package in the country. In particular, it includes dozens of 155-mm and 122-mm howitzers, thousands of shells and trucks for them, more than a hundred Carl-Gustav anti-tank guns and more than a thousand pieces of ammunition for theirs. Britain will send 600 Brimstone missiles to Ukraine, at least three batteries of AS-90 155mm long-range artillery, a number of armored vehicles, including the Bulldog. Denmark will give Ukraine all 19 of its Caesar howitzers. In addition, Lithuania plans to include L-70 anti-aircraft guns and Mi-8 helicopters in the new aid package for Ukraine. The total value of the support package from Lithuania is approximately 125 million euros. The new Polish package consists of S-60 anti-aircraft guns and 70 thousand ammunition for them, as well as CRAB howitzers. Sweden is preparing to supply Ukraine with 50 CV90 infantry fighting vehicles and wheeled 155mm Archer howitzers. The 4.3 billion SEK ($419 million) military aid package also includes NLAW anti-tank weapons.

Bundestag fails to vote on Leopard tanks

The German Bundestag did not support the proposal to provide Leopard 1 and Leopard 2 main battle tanks to Ukraine during the vote. After a heated debate, all factions, except the Conservatives, supported the proposal to refer the issue for further discussion to the Committee on Foreign Affairs. However, both the conservatives and the three parties of the ruling coalition are in favor of expanding arms support for Ukraine. Against this, as always, is the Alternative for Germany and the Left. The CDU/CSU group has brought up the issue of heavy weapons for discussion at least six times, most recently in September of last year, but each time the proposal has been returned for revision.

The European Parliament approved the tribunal for Putin and Lukashenko

The European Parliament by a majority vote adopted a resolution in support of the action to establish an international tribunal to investigate the crimes of the aggressor countries Russia and Belarus, together with their top leadership. 472 MEPs voted for this document, only 19 voted against, 33 politicians abstained. MEPs emphasize that the EU’s preparatory work on the creation of a special tribunal should begin immediately and should focus on creating mechanisms for the court in cooperation with Ukraine.

Zelensky met with the President of the European Council

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy met with the head of the European Council Charles Michel during his visit to Kyiv. The head of state received the distinguished guest at the Mariinsky Palace. Charles Michel arrived on a visit to Kyiv to discuss more areas of cooperation. The President of the European Council also visited a rehabilitation center for Ukrainian soldiers and addressed the Verkhovna Rada.

The issue of Ukraine’s membership in the EU has been resolved – Michel

At the next Ukraine-EU summit, all areas of support for Ukrainians, both in their resistance to Russia and the country’s path to the European Union, will be discussed. This was said by the President of the European Council Charles Michel at the plenary session of the Verkhovna Rada. “The issue of EU membership has been resolved. Ukraine is the EU, and the EU is Ukraine. And we must make every effort to make this promise a reality as soon as possible,” said the President of the European Council. In this regard, President Volodymyr Zelensky, in a press conference with Charles Michel, said that Ukraine should start negotiations on its future membership in the European Union in 2023.

SAP notified Kobolev of suspicion for a “bonus” for 229 million hryvnias

Anti-corruption authorities notified the former head of Ukraine’s NJSC Naftogaz, Andriy Kobolev, who rewarded himself with more than UAH 229 million, of suspicion. Thus, the former official abused his official position. Also, a petition was sent to the High Anti-Corruption Court to apply a measure of restraint to the former head of the board of NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine in the form of detention with the alternative of making bail in the amount of UAH 365 million.

ZRPK Pantsir-S1 was installed on the roof of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

In Moscow, air defense systems began to be installed in administrative buildings. Photos and videos of what is happening are distributed on TG channels. Among the administrative buildings where air defense systems are installed is the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Other videos show how people in military uniforms use a crane to pull Russian equipment onto the roof, said to be likely the Pantsir-S1 air defense missile system.

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