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Can children over 18 receive child support?

Lawyer Bazan in the series “Family and Justice” | Fountain: PTR

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Family lawyer Ursula Bazan argued that children over the age of 18 have every right to receive child support from either their father or mother.

In the episode “Family and Justice”, he clarified that children who have reached the age of majority can use this allowance if they successfully learn a trade or trade. Similarly, a child over the age of 18 with a physical or mental disability that prevents him from taking care of his own food may receive child support.

“The right to food is not only food, but also clothing, housing, recreation and health,” said specialist Ursula Bazan.

He noted that, in accordance with the Civil Code, alimony must be assigned until the age of 28, while the son or daughter is studying, but if this is a young person with any physical or mental disability, alimony can be for life. . At the same time, he noted that if a child over 18 is already working, he will not be entitled to alimony.

Source: RPP

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