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Surco: They capture a suspected member of a criminal gang that attacked a barbershop.

They capture a member of an aggravated robbery gang in Surko | Fountain: RPP News

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A member of a criminal gang engaged in robberies of establishments and racketeering was detained by police during an intervention in the Lima area. Santiago de Surco.

This is Carlos Alexander Huauya Perez, aka Chimbita, a member of a criminal gang. “Villains of the South”a network that authorities say engaged in attacks on its victims under the guise of racketeering.

This man was involved in the robbery of a barbershop in the Surko area in January, but to avoid being recognized by both witnesses and the police themselves, the alleged perpetrator dyed his hair yellow.

“When we caught him, he had already dyed his hair, tried to mislead and go unnoticed by what the media reported. A violent act in which he entered a barbershop, intimidated the victim, steals his belongings and escapes on a motorcycle with a companion who is waiting for him abroad. That is why we were able to catch him red-handed and found that he committed another aggravated robbery to the detriment of the battery,” he said. PTR Colonel Marco Antonio Conde Cuellar, Chief of Robbery

Similarly, Condé warned that this type of criminal takes advantage of the negligence of citizens to commit their crimes. That’s right, the security cameras recorded that even Carlos Wow He posed as one of them to rob this barbershop.

“They are dedicated to going out, racketeering people who see them being neglected, stealing their belongings and suitcases from their victims. He pretended to be a client, went in and took out a firearm and stripped him of his belongings,” he added to the RPP.

Carlos Wow He is under investigation on suspicion of aggravated robbery and the use of firearms. Meanwhile, the police continue to search for other participants in the attack on the hairdresser.

Source: RPP

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