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What if the father does not want to recognize the son?

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Family Lawyer Ursula Bazanruled that every child has the right to an identity card, but if the father has doubts about the paternity of a minor, it is recommended to carry out an identity card. DNA, the result of which is irrefutable. “The test will be applied to the father, mother and minor so that there is no doubt,” he said.

in sequence family and justice stated that in case of refusal of the parent to pass DNA, the child’s mother can file an extramarital affair before World judge district in which he lives, and at the same time he can claim maintenance under this requirement.

Lawyer Bazan explained that not recognizing a child is not a crime per se, but is prosecutable, because if she does not want to recognize a minor, a lawsuit will be filed against her.

At the same time, it is clarified that the fact that a boy or girl is given the name of the intended parent does not mean the existence of kinship or recognition.

“A father who believes he is the parent of a child can also demand recognition of parentage by the father, for whom a DNA test should be done,” he added in the sequence. Family and Justice.

He added that a child who has not been recognized will not be able to access, for example, an inheritance in the event of the death of the father and will have to initiate the process of kinship in relation to the heirs of the parent.

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