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Space mining has begun: AstroForge will launch its first missions in 2023

AstroForge targets metal-rich asteroids. NASA plans to visit them, as they did with Psyche. | Font: POT

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Company Astroforge will start his first missions space mining in 2023 with two pioneering challenges in the industry.

An American startup wants to melt metal in zero gravity to assemble it and bring it to life. Earthopening up a field in which agencies such as POT.

space mining

Road map Astroforge It consists of two missions in 2023.

In April, the company will launch Brokkrthe first of his ships, aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

His goal is simple: he wants to go into low orbit to see if he can refine the platinum in zero gravity.

If he succeeds, he will open the second chapter of the year. For October Brokkr-2 will look for asteroid with precious metals to rotate around it and scan its resources for use.

After that, already in 2024, he will try Brokkr-3 landing mission on space rocks. By 2025, the fourth mission will be pivotal: it will land, collect ore and process it in the same space to bring it to the planet.

possible candidates

Space is full of asteroids rich in various materials, but still Astroforge Where exactly the mission will be carried out is not reported.

The company works with POT and with the Institute of Planetary Sciences precisely in order to identify a viable candidate for these missions. At the moment I already have a hint: this asteroid closest to Earth than the Belt between Mars and Jupiter.

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