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Eight RTX 4090s Can Crack Most Passwords in Just 48 Minutes, Expert Says

With eight new NVIDIA RTX 4090 graphics cards, a hacker can crack an eight-character password in less than an hour. | Font: NVIDIA

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RTX 4090new graphics card NVIDIA, is now available, and users who have been able to get their own unit have already begun to enjoy its immense power. However, the expert found that this component is able to decrypt any password eight characters in just 48 minutes if enough is collected.

Sam Crawleycybersecurity researcher, reported via Tom’s equipment that putting together eight such GPUs and putting them in a password cracking kit would be enough to crack those keys in less than an hour. All this was revealed thanks to the performance of the video card in the test. Hashcat since he revealed the cryptographic capabilities of his core AD102.

RTX 4090 topples RTX 3090 in ‘password crack’

How detailed Crawley in his report, RTX 4090 Not only is this the undisputed current queen when it comes to password cracking, but it’s double the strength of the title’s previous lender: RTX 3090 also from NVIDIA. “An insane improvement of more than double the RTX 3090 in almost all algorithms”said the researcher, also adding that this is more than three times faster than RadeonRX 6900XT from amd.

Users Twitter tasked with performing calculations based on this information, and eventually it turned out that with only eight such graphics cards, a user with sufficient computer skills could decipher all possible combinations passwords of eight characters, including uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols, in record time.

In this way, the cost of cracking passwords is greatly reduced, so users who do not have strong credentials to access their accounts should seriously consider changing them to create passwords that are much more complex and difficult to crack.

The Hidden Potential of the RTX 4090

Due to its power, if RTX 4090 from NVIDIA If you come across a list of the 200 most used passwords today, it probably only takes you a few seconds or milliseconds to crack most of them. However, the report on ITPro This highlights that cybercriminals will also not be able to learn all the keys at the push of a button.

“Devices of this type are commonly used for offline password cracking because online solutions are often resistant to these attack vectors.”mentions Grant WyattDirector of operations MIRACLE, to the aforementioned portal. In addition, the expert pointed out that if the user uses a good password manager capable of storing passwords between 12 and 128 characters long, it will take much longer to overcome this brute force method to decrypt the credentials.

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