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Antarctica has lost about 7.5 trillion tons of ice since 1997: scientists

Antarctica has lost about 7.5 trillion tons of ice since 1997: scientists

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The loss of ice is a result of the climate crisis because the ice will renew itself if the melting is part of a cycle of natural change.

Scientists from the University of Leeds say Antarctica has lost about 7.5 trillion tons of ice since 1997. This makes up more than 40% of the ice shelf, The Guardian reports.

An estimated 67 trillion tons of ice was lost in the west and 59 trillion tons gained in the east between 1997 and 2021. This resulted in a net loss of 7.5 trillion tons.

An ice shelf is an extension of a glacier and slows the flow of its debris into the sea. When they melt, the glaciers release more fresh water into the sea. This could lead to disruption of Southern Ocean currents. “There is a mixed picture of ice shelf destruction on ocean temperatures and ocean currents around Antarctica,” the scientists said.

Earth observation expert and study leader Dr Benjamin Davison said the western side was exposed to warm water that could quickly erode the ice shelf from below, while much of eastern Antarctica was protected. which is now from warm water near a cold strip of coastal water.

In addition, the researchers looked at more than 100,000 satellite images and determined that about 67 million tons of fresh water entered the ocean in 25 years.

“We expect most ice shelves to go through cycles of rapid but short-lived retreat and then slow growth again. At the same time, we see nearly half of them shrinking with no sign of recovery, Davison added.

We remind you that an abnormally warm winter was recorded in Antarctica. The average air temperature in winter is -2.13 degrees Celsius.

Ice area around Antarctica has dropped to record levels

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