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Perseverance photographed sunrise with high clouds on Mars

Persistence took this photo on March 18th. | Fountain: POT

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Rover perseverance NASA recently photographed drifting clouds before dawn in Marsas he continues his search for signs of ancient life in Red Planet.

Mars It is a dry and dusty planet, but billions of years ago, water probably collected and flowed in many areas of its surface, providing a potential habitat for microbes.

New cloud images published in the account Twitter The missions were taken by one of the rover’s navigation cameras shortly before Martian dawn on March 18. It was the 738th Martian day, or sol, of the Perseverance mission; the sun is slightly longer (24 hours 37 minutes) than a day on Earth.

What do we know about Mars clouds?

POT started a civilian science project in 2022 to study Martian clouds made up of carbon dioxide, also known as dry ice. The study of clouds gives an idea of ​​the conditions of the average atmosphere of the planet at an altitude of about 50 to 80 kilometers.

perseverance He recently arrived in a new area dubbed “Vereya” where he intends to get up close and personal with the intriguing layered stone, the mission said in a statement.

perseverance And helicopter ingenuity they explore the delta of an ancient river in a crater lake which may have harbored ancient life. The aircraft has already traveled 11 kilometers in 48 flights and is still operational.

Europe Press

Source: RPP

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