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ChatGPT Response: According to reports, Apple is preparing Bobcat, its own AI language model to work with Siri.

Apple is reportedly preparing generative AI for Siri | Fountain: PTR

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Apple is one company that has so far been far from the new “gold rush” in the tech world: generative AI. Facing trends driven by OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, meta and other companies in the field, Cupertino has begun developing a “very Apple” alternative to compete with this new tool, and it appears they are already ahead of schedule. This is Bobcat.

According to The New York Times, Apple hosted an annual AI summit for employees across departments, with a focus on large-scale language models and other AI tools. According to the report, the engineers on the Siri assistant team test generative language concepts every week.

Now, 9to5Mac has pointed out that there are hints of generative AI tools in the tvOS 16.4 beta, with “Bobcat” mentioned as a codename for a number of limited features that can be replicated on devices from other brands.

As part of these findings, data was generated from a new framework for “Natural Language Generation Siri” in the same Apple TV Box beta software. The portal points out that this does not necessarily mean generative AI that mimics the characteristics of ChatGPT; However, it could be a new way to improve the current conditions for Siri, the virtual assistant that has given way to Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.

In addition, 9to5Mac claims that this development has been found in codes associated with the iPhone, iPad, Mac and HomePod, as well as with the set-top box. Unlike the latter, this SiriGPT? does not allow features to be added.

Apple prepares GPT technology

This may indicate several things. To start, develop a more authentic conversational model for a better interaction between the user and Siri, which would serve as a bridge for natural interaction between Apple devices through voice. A “more human” conversational assistant could be a strong lever for iOS 17, the company’s next version of its mobile OS.

The strategy is interesting as Apple will not seek to compete with other companies in the same modality that apply this progress to search engines and real-time content and experience developers. In this case, Apple seeks to focus on promoting a product that, by virtue of its origin, should return users’ interest in everyday functions that can connect their data to the firm’s environment and devices.

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