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Rugby. The president of Clermont “strongly denies the baseless accusations of Lapandre”.

Last week, the case of Alexandre Lapandri caused quite a stir. Former ASM international third line, suffering “lifelong consequences” had to retire at age 33 after concussions. And he initiated four criminal cases against his former club, which fired him on November 22. These complaints are addressed to ASM “endangering the lives of others and recklessly causing injury“, “ acts of psychological violence and harassment“, “forgery and the use of forgery“and”violation of the employer’s security obligations“.

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The football player’s lawyer Me Jean-Hubert Portejoye explained to the sports daily The team that he intends to decry the lack of extensive brain scans despite having post-concussion symptoms and attending training sessions by medical staff on November 22 and December 14, 2020, when he was off duty. Two involvements that put his life in danger, an MRI was performed on December 30, 2020 at the player’s request, which revealed “left vertebral artery dissection and cerebral palsy“.

“A rare pathology that has been treated and treated”

In a press conference this Monday, the president of Clermont, Jean-Michel Guillon, wanted to shed light on this case and deny the facts in which ASM is accused. “We are deeply offended and shocked by the accusations that have been spread in the media. he trusts the phrases written on the club’s club. We will, especially in the context of legal proceedings, defend the integrity of the club with the utmost determination and vigour. We have decided today to present a series of factual clarifications to strongly refute the baseless allegations.

The leader of Auvergne returns from the concussion suffered by his player on October 18, 2020.Given the symptoms that are still present during the progressive recovery procedures defined by the protocol, the ASM initiates Alexandre Lapandri with additional medical care at the specialist clinic in Lausanne (stay from November 30 to December 4, 2020). And to continue. “Symptoms resolved after this medical visit, but reappeared during a new attempt to resume training, still within the World Rugby protocol. Therefore, Alexandre Lapandri underwent an MRI on December 30, 2020, which revealed a rare pathology, which was taken care of and treated.

FFR did not renew Lapandry’s license

In the process, Jean-Michel Guyon details the chronology of events that led to Alexandre Lapandre’s breach of contract. “In June 2021, the French Rugby Federation decided not to renew Alexandre Lapandre’s license due to medical reasons, he goes ahead. From this date Alexandre Lapandri can no longer play rugby. In July 2021, ASM therefore initiates discussions with Alexandre Lapandri to explore his professional training options. In October 2022, professional medicine declared him unfit, a decision that legally forced ASM to terminate Alexandre Lapandri’s player contract.

Alexandre Lapandri is the second former ASM player to attack the Auvergne club “endangering the lives of others“. Canadian Jamie Cudmore already filed a similar complaint in February 2019. Despite suffering a third concussion in two weeks, the second or third line was cleared by medical staff to return to the field in the European Cup final defeat against Toulon (18-24) on 2 May 2015;

“We will continue to accompany him if he still wants to.”

Again under fire from critics, Clermont hears that in this Lapandrian case. “Offer an official rebuttal to the most serious allegations that appeared in the media last week, according to which the club neglected the medical supervision of Alexandre Lapandri. The health of our players has always been and will be the club’s priority.. In a press release last week, ASM said it had not received “official approval“As for these complaints, I am sorry.”was invited to the media field to publicly answer very serious accusations, the content of which he does not even know.Before denying any involvement. “ASM cannot be held liable for any reason, excluding minimal fault.“Details presented by the Clermont club on Monday.

However, the president of the Ukrainian Union of International Trade Unions elaborates. “From an early age, Alexander lived for and above all rugby. ASM is much more than a club for him. it’s his second family. We will continue to accompany him if he still wants, regardless of what the process and result will be at the legal level. This is the most important thing for us.»

Source: Le Figaro

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