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“The place in the final of the World Cup must be earned.” Varane warns the “blues” before the game against Morocco.

Special Envoy in Doha

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Common points between the 2018 and 2022 cohort
“I agree with Olivier’s comparison (Giroud, who compared the quarter-final against England and the 2018 semi-final against Belgium). The game against England was a big test. It was necessary to suffer and fight to win. I don’t really like to compare competitions, four years in football is an eternity, but the level of competition is increasing, with more and more intensity, it goes faster, tactically there are fewer mistakes. It will be up to us to be ready against Morocco. »

The semi-final goal has been achieved
“We have already had a great competition, now the initial goal is to win. We know how hard it is. When we started competing, the goal was always to win. Being a semi-finalist is not an easy thing and a real achievement. We are competitors and that’s all we think about. »

Morocco is not accidental there, they defend very well, it will be difficult.

Raphael Varane

How to avoid overconfidence in Morocco
“We have enough experience without a team to not fall into that trap. Morocco is not accidental there, they defend very well, it will be difficult. It’s up to our veteran players to get everyone ready for another battle. Above all, don’t take it easy. You have to give everything and fight until the end. He earned a place in the final. This is a strong, cohesive team, they are writing the history of Moroccan football. A collective power emerges. They have an offensive weapon, be it in strikes, counter-attacks or individual actions. We expect many misfortunes. »

If he is aware, with the good results of the Blues, he is giving birth to a generation of spoiled children
“We’ll know when it’s over. What we have been doing for several years is a big thing. It is certain that the latest results show that we are there. It is not enough to have a good team, we have seen that the big groups have already been eliminated, it is difficult to realize what we are doing today, we remain focused on the next match. This is how we built our success and we must continue. »

His relationship at 4 with Lloris, Griezmann and Giroud
“We know each other well, we have lived experience and experience, we try to convey this to the group, to direct it with our state of mind and way of thinking. In order to convey the messages of the coach, we know in which direction we should go, because we know him well. We try to convey our calmness and serenity on the field even in high-stakes matches. We are in our role, that’s what the coach expects from us. We share the way we communicate and give our best. »

His report to Deschamps
“I started in 2013, but I was invited in 2012. Our relationship with the coach changes, we get to know each other better and better. At the top level, the expectations are always the same. He pays attention to details. He knows who I am, he knows my personality. I know perfectly well what I can bring to the group, we constantly talk about what we can improve. For us players, it’s a chance to have that much stability. It’s a chance for us. »

If the future of Deschamps is connected with the “blues”.
“We don’t discuss it at all, we are focused on the competition and the next game. »

World Cup bonuses to the Blues
“As for the bonuses, everything is fixed in advance. We also know that we are important for French football. We know the impact this has, not only in terms of images, but also financially and economically. But it’s really a secondary and non-motivating element during competition. »

Source: Le Figaro

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