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No Charges For Police To Kill 26-Year-Old Latino Father Mario Gonzalez-

Almost exactly one year after police killed Mario Gonzalez in Alameda, California, the district attorney announced that no charges would be filed against the officers involved.

Შi Report From the Alameda District Attorney’s Office, sent to HuffPost Thursday, District Attorney Nancy O’Malley said that “the evidence does not justify the criminal case.”

On April 19, 2021, police in the city of San Francisco Bay He knelt behind Gonzalez for about four minutes until he died. Body camera Shots, diffusion Later that month, after disturbance from his family, it was revealed that officers approached Gonzalez, who was alone in the park carrying a bottle of wine nearby, after a neighbor called someone drunk. Gonzalez spoke softly to officers for nearly nine minutes. Police then laid their hands on Gonzalez’s back and presented it to him. At least one officer knelt down until his breathing stopped and he lost his wrist.

The district attorney’s report described the officers as “fighting” for Gonzalez. Though handcuffed, lying on the ground with the agents, the report said Gonzalez was “constantly physically resisting” as he moved his legs.

“About three minutes and 39 seconds after Gonzalez was detained before being handcuffed, Gonzalez did not respond,” the report said.

The Gonzalez family has long asked O’Malley to prosecute the three agents involved – Eric McKinley, James Fisher and Cameron Leh – who have all been on paid administrative leave in the past year. The Alameda Police Department announced that Agents will remain on “suspension” and paid leave Prior to the completion of the city’s independent investigation.

In a report in December, the county court ruled Gonzalez’s death as murder.

“These officers should be in jail at this point,” family attorney Adante Pointer told HuffPost last week before the district attorney’s report was released. He was worried that the police would just return to work.

For Gonzalez’s family, last year without him was a ‘nightmare’, ”said his mother Edith Arenalez last week.

Gonzalez was 26 years old when he was killed by police. Her 5 -year -old son often asks and has his father’s name where his father is when he comes home.

“How can I explain that he will not return. Was he killed? ”Gonzalez’s mother said.

Gonzalez’s 22-year-old brother, Gerardo Jerry Gonzalez, said last week that he hopes for a “strict accountability process for police officers who kill people” and a change in politics to provide an alternative to police officers who respond to requests for assistance. Mental health tests and crises.

The family has it He filed two federal civil lawsuits – one in the name of Gonzalez’s mother, for the loss of his son, and the other in the name of his son, Mario, for the loss of his father.

Until his death, Gonzalez cared for his 23-year-old autistic brother, Efrin, full-time. While his mother was at work at the gas station bar, Mario bathed Effrey, prepared food, played gel. She picked up her son from kindergarten and then cooked for the two of them: they liked homemade eggs and potatoes.

“Mario is a good man, polite, full of love,” the mother said, adding that she loves to watch movies and prepare meals for her son and brother.

“He doesn’t deserve to die.”

Source: Huffpost

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